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In the Pokémon world, televisions are present in most homes. There are also many unique TV shows for a specific region. Televisions appear in both the games and the anime.


In Kanto, specifically in Generations I and III, all televisions except the one in the living room of the player's house cannot be interacted with. The one that can be interacted with displays a movie.

Red Blue Yellow FireRed LeafGreen
There's a movie on TV. Four boys are walking on railroad tracks. I better go too. There's a movie on TV. Four boys are walking on railroad tracks. …I better go, too. *
There's a movie on TV. A girl with her hair in pigtails is walking up a brick road. …I better go, too. *
The movie from Red, Blue, and Yellow and FireRed and LeafGreen (if player is a boy) is a reference to the movie Stand by Me.
If the player is a girl, the movie from FireRed and LeafGreen is a reference to the movie The Wizard of Oz.

Teachy TV

The Teachy TV, which exists only in FireRed and LeafGreen, airs the Poké Dude Show, where a character called the Poké Dude instructs the player on basic gameplay elements like how to catch Pokémon and how to battle.

  • Start of the show
"Hey, all you Trainers out there! HELLO, Trainers! ……… ……… ……… Come on, let me hear you! HELLO, Trainers! It's me, the Poké Dude!"
  • Before moving to a particular aspect of the show (aside from TMs)
"All righty, here goes! Keep your eyes glued to the super/sorta super Poké Dude Show!"
  • End of the show
"Remember, Trainers, a good deed a day brings happiness to stay!"

"Teach me how to battle."

"What are status problems?"

"What are type matchups?"

"I want to catch Pokémon."

"Teach me about TMs."

"How do I register an item?"


There are no television shows in Johto as they are replaced by radio programs.


Hoenn was the first region to have multiple TV shows available in a single game. However, they only show programs when an event occurs. In that case, they will be flashing. Otherwise, the TV usually displays "Mom/Dad might like this program... better get going!"

Player's house

The following program only displays on the lower floor. The TV does not flash for this program.

There is a movie on TV. Two men are dancing on a big piano keyboard. Better get going!

Gabby interviews (In Search of Trainers)

  • Subsequent times
"Hi! Today I'm visiting an area near <place fought>. We're trying to spot some up-and-coming new talent in the field. Today, we turned our lens on the Trainer <player>. There's something about this Trainer that piqued our interest. We've battled <player> before, but we can attest that the Trainer has most definitely improved from before. I knew we were onto someone special when we spotted this Trainer! The best way to determine how strong a Trainer is… Well, the fastest way is to battle. And so we began our investigation! … … That's how we ended up in battle with <player>. In a dominating performance we were flattened, rolled up, and tossed aside! <player> is ruthlessly strong… Here's our impressions after having battled our featured Trainer. The combination of <Pokémon at the end> and <second Pokémon at the end> was divine! The sight of them--<Pokémon at the end> and <second Pokémon at the end>--selflessly supporting each other in the thick of battle… It was a marvelous sight to behold! <finishing move> was the move the Trainer used last in our battle. The move <move> is <Pokémon> and <Pokémon>'s sign of friendship!/Honestly speaking, I thought that I might even be pretty good. While we did end up losing, we did have a hotly contested battle. But if you're struggling against me, you have a ways to go, <player>! After our battle, we asked <player> for a succinct summary. The Trainer replied, "<word>." <player>'s Pokémon <Pokémon> and <Pokémon>… And "<word>"… Mmm! That's deep! There's deep significance behind that quote! It's no surprise--a good Trainer has good things to say. That's all for today! See you all again on our next broadcast!"

Name Rater Show


Sinnoh introduced news that was always present, along with commercials.

Sinnoh News


Unova introduces more TV shows; however, these TV shows may only be in Unova. The types of shows broadcast depend on the in-game time.


During the first ten minutes of the hour, the TV shows are about various statistics about the player, such as how many times he or she has used the move Struggle.


For the next 25 minutes, shows on Abilities, moves, and items are broadcast.


In the anime

In The Rivalry Revival, Jessie and James pretend to make a live broadcast on Ash's special dinner in his house in Pallet Town. The meal commemorates his departure for Johto, which will happen the next day. During the report, they devour some of the food, trap Ash's Pikachu inside the supposed camera, and soon flee from the house. Fortunately for Ash and his friends, Tracey's Scyther frees Pikachu by cutting through the camera.

Rhonda is a recurring host for Sinnoh Now. She and the Sinnoh Now staff have appeared in The Champ Twins!, All Dressed Up with Somewhere to Go, A Secret Sphere of Influence!, Top-Down Training!, Mass Hip-Po-Sis!, Our Cup Runneth Over!, Losing Its Lustrous, Pursuing a Lofty Goal!, and Beating the Bustle and Hustle!.