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{| style="width: 100%; background:#{{fire color}}; border:#{{fire color light}} 3px solid; color:#00000; {{roundy|20px}};"
| style="text-align:center" | '''I will be on vacation from the 22nd of November up until the 24-25th of December.'''<br /><small>Please do not contact me during that time. If you need help you can always ask the other {{bp|staff}} members, they won't {{m|bite}}.</small>

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Pokémon of the Day!
August 23, 2017

Bonjour. The name is Force Fire, I have been a user here since 2008 and am one of the Administrators. I have made many contributions to the wiki and am a member of various projects. The area I work in are the anime and the games, I also inspect the trivia sections and other minor bits and pieces around the wiki. For Manga and TCG, go hassle someone else.

I have been a fan of Pokémon for quite a long time and have owned at least one game of each generation. In relations to the anime, I have watched all of the first and second season, some of the episodes from seasons 3-9, all of the Diamond and Pearl series and am now following the Best Wishes series.

I am also a user at the forums, if you want to ask anything non Pokémon-related ask me over there. There should be a user of the same name.


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