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'''We need all PokéFans' help!'''
'''We need all PokéFans' help!'''
==Multilanguage introduction==
===La mia presentazione===
Ciao! Sono Marco ('''Firempoleon''') e vengo da Venezia. Non parlo inglese come lingua madre, e farò sicuramente degli errori, perciò ho intenzione di dare un tocco d'italiano a questo sito ;) Non parlo nemmeno spagnolo come lingua madre, ma lavoro sodo per migliorarmi.
===My introduction===
Ciao! My name's Marco ('''Firempoleon''') and I'm from Venice, Italy. I can't speak English as native language, and I'll make some mistakes, so I'm gonna add a touch of Italian at this site ;) I also can't speak Spanish as native language, but I'm working hard to improve myself.
===Mí presentación===
Ciao! Yo soy Marco ('''Firempoleon''') y soy de Venecia, en Italia. No sé hablar inglés como idioma materno, y cometeré algunos errores, así que voy a dar un toque de italiano a este sitio ;) Tampoco sé hablar español como idioma materno, pero estoy batiendome el cobre para mejorarme.
==About me==
==About me==

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Please, sign the petition!!

In Italy only 5 Pokémon movies have been relased. Italia 1 owns all the movies, but it does not want to broadcast them. Please, sign this petition to help italian fans!!

We need all PokéFans' help!

About me

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