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Note: I'll be inactive for the next two days, starting tonight, as a result of my internet being canceled. I'll be up and running again on February 21.
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Bulbagarden Contributor, Random User, Conversationalist

About me:

My name is FireGambit (pshht, I'm not telling you my real name). I live in Texas, that real big state down south in the US. You've heard of it? Good.

I've been playing Pokémon since I was 6 years old. I've played games from every generation, but I've never owned my own game; unless a shared Gamecube game counts, of course. Recently, I discovered I actually had a few spare dollars, so I plan on buying myself some Pokémon games. You can see my shopping list to the right, in my little user box thing.

Interests of mine? Obviously, Bulbapedia is an interest, but otherwise, I enjoy writing, drawing, music, photography, sports and more. I play soccer, and hope to work as a dentist in the future. Some fun facts: my favorite subject in school is science, my favorite colors are blue and gray, and my favorite Pokémon is Zangoose.


I joined Bulbapedia on January 30, 2014. Soon after, I joined the Archives; however, I'm mostly active here on Bulbapedia, and therefore prefer to be contacted here.

I focus on wording, syntax, grammar, and all things English. I'm commonly found rewriting Pokémon biology sections.

To do list:

  • Finish the biology project.
  • Upgrade the manga pages.
  • Add new Pokémon information (specifically Diancie).
    • Need to get a 3DS... and some Pokémon games, lol...
  • Catch up on the Pokémon anime. ^_^