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Reason: Teams from Platinum, White, Black 2 (JP), and Emerald Nuzlocke walkthroughs.

"My name? My name's Devin, of course! It's only the best name ever..."
-Marriland, Pokémon Yellow


Marriland is a male Trainer who likes to nickname his Pokémon, usually uses the name "Devin", and usually names his starter Pokémon after his username, although he left his Pikachu unnamed in Yellow, and in White 2, he gave this name to his Azurill, naming his starter, Snivy, Scaleaf instead. He also comments his videos while playing them, quotes the Trainers he faces, and cuts out unnecessary parts, such as walkings back to the Pokémon Center to heal his Pokémon after every few battles. He also sometimes speeds up lengthy, uneventful parts of various videos. His main battling style often focuses on using battle items.

Marriland is known for starting most of his videos with the cheerful greeting:
"How's it going, everyone? Marriland here, and last time <insert the thing(s) he did in the last episode of the walkthrough>!"

Marriland is so big thing on the Internet (plus my YouTube Trainers page was getting filled up), that I decides to put his teams on a separate page, because he, if anyone, deserves his own page!

Pokémon Diamond

Devin, the legend-in-the-making from Twinleaf Town!

This is the list of Marriland's Pokémon in his Pokémon Diamond version walkthrough.

Walkthrough info: Marriland's first online Pokémon walkthrough, his first big hit, the walkthrough that made him popular.

Walkthrough status: Completed!
The final victory against the Champion didn't come easy, put it came, and it was all worth it!
And the end of this walkthrough was just a step towards many others to come! Not to mention a step towards the huge popularity that Marriland has today!

Hall of Fame team

Other Pokémon

(Needs to be filled up)

Pokémon Yellow

Devin from Pallet Town, the Ultimate Pokémon Trainer!

This is the list of Marriland's Pokémon in his Pokémon Yellow version walkthrough.

Walkthrough info: This walkthrough originally started out as an April Fools' Day joke, but it turned so popular, that Marriland ended up playing it completely through.

Walkthrough status: Completed!
...Marriland has, however, hinted that he could someday go and catch Mewtwo.

Hall of Fame team

Other Pokémon

Pokémon SoulSilver

Devin, the Champion-in-the-making from New Bark Town!

This is the list of Marriland's Pokémon in his Pokémon SoulSilver version walkthrough.

Walkthrough info: An interesting walkthrough to follow, put on hold for unconfirmed reasons.

Walkthrough status: On hold, at least for now...

Current team

Other Pokémon

Pokémon HeartGold Wedlocke

Legs, the charming Pokémon Trainer and the Johto League Champion!

This is the list of Marriland's Pokémon in his Pokémon HeartGold version walkthrough, following the Wedlocke Challenge rules.

Walkthrough info: This walkthrough has received particularly high attention amongst Marriland's Pokémon walkthroughs, mostly due to the viewers feeling sympathy on Marriland's "dying" Pokémon.
Unlike usually, in this walkthrough, Marriland plays as a girl, and uses the name "Legs", naming his/her rival as "Arms", respectively. (S)He nicknames all of his/her male Pokémon after vegetables, while the female Pokémon are named after fruits. He also nicknames the Pokémon (s)he doesn't end up using in his/her team.

Walkthrough status: Johto region completed!
The Champion defeated, 15/16 Badges won, still missing the Earth Badge.

Hall of Fame team

Current team

Other Pokémon

(Needs to be filled up)


(Needs to be filled up)

Pokémon White 2

Devin, the Elite Trainer Eliminator from Aspertia City!

This is the list of Marriland's Pokémon in his Pokémon White 2 version walkthrough.

Walkthrough info: The variety of Pokémon Marriland used in his team during this walkthrough, mostly close to the beginning, was impressive.

Walkthrough status: Completed!
The Champion defeated twice, some extra exploring also done.

First Hall of Fame team

Second Hall of Fame team

Other Pokémon

(Needs to be filled up)


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