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|move2=Night Slash|move2type=Dark|move2cat=Physical
|move2=Night Slash|move2type=Dark|move2cat=Physical
|move3=Fly|move3type=Flying|move3cat= Physical
|move3=Fly|move3type=Flying|move3cat= Physical
|move4=Sand Attack|move4type=Ground|move4cat=Status

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What I do here

I am mostly just a WikiGnome. I edit spelling/gramatical errors and try to add as much information that can (This usualy is not a whole lot unfortunatly).


I became interested in Pokémon when I received my first card (Eevee) from a freind at the age of 7. Due to lack of interest and resources (Money), I have stopped collecting cards. Even after eleven years, I remain a fan of the games and have played every version game up to date along with a few others.

Current Party, SoulSilver