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Hey, what's up? This is Empress Empoleon. :-) But you can call me Empress, or simply EE. I don't know how you got to my page, since I'm not really a notable user, but I hope you enjoy and find whatever you were looking for!

How I Found Pokémon

I got introduced to Pokémon from my best friend in second grade. I landed my grubby paws on a Platinum game, and I was hooked. It was so much fun, because I didn't know that there were walkthroughs and such online, so I played by myself 100%. My first Pokémon was a Piplup, and I still love it to this day.

So, yes, I am one of those people who joined in Generation IV and onwards. But I do have respect for the older generations. I agree that the original anime was the best of all. However, I do think that the newer games are better than the older ones. I'm just one of those people who likes better graphics and clearer music in games.

So, afterward, I got SoulSilver, White, and White2. Though I am admittedly much older now, I still play a lot. I also like Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs.

On Bulbapedia

When I first found Bulbapedia, I enjoyed reading all the articles, especially since they were so detailed. It was impossible to not find what you were looking for. Then, I got an account. I have since gotten used to the wiki, and I now try to help out as much as I can.

Well, relatively, it's really just the beginning. I'm quite a sticker for grammar and spelling, so a lot of the edits I make are minor.

I mainly go around fixing random stubs and incomplete articles. I usually don't have time to make huge pages, or I'm too lazy to go back and re-watch an episode to write an article about. I've only actually made one, honest-to-goodness, new page-Minamo Shipping.

Since I'm so new, feel free to drop me advice (or even a hello!) on my talk page!


I wouldn't say I'm bad, but I'm not the greatest.

I like to name myself "April" in my Pokémon play-throughs. This is because of my love for the character May and the fact that I was born in the month April.

I always nickname my party Pokémon. If I can't come up with anything creative, then I usually just put the Japanese name for its final evolution.

My favorite type is Water; however, I always train a variety of types. (And, no, that's not because I thought Blue was really cool in the games.) Sadly, I also usually go for the Pokémon that look the best to me. I like cute, beautiful, or epic looking Pokémon. (Sue me.)

I'll post my parties when I get over my laziness and reach for the DS that's a foot in front of me.

Favorite Pokémon

I like a lot of Pokémon, but like everybody else, I do have my favorites.

  • Empoleon-This is my all-time favorite. It is so powerful and butt-kicking awesome, and not to mention, it looks so elegant. (Plus, it's a freaking penguin. How could you not love it?)
  • Typhlosion-My second favorite. Usually I don't like Fire as a type, but this is a definite exception. It is so powerful and dominating. And I don't care what anyone says-Cyndaquil was so cute in the anime!
  • Serperior-So beautiful and powerful.
  • Umbreon-I love all of the eeveeloutions, but I have to say that Umbreon is the best. It is a freaking tank.
  • Quagsire
  • Gardevoir-See Serperior.
  • Snorlax-Along with being so epic, it reminds me of myself.
  • Zekrom-It is freaking bad-a**.
  • Lugia
  • Staraptor
  • Lucario
  • Lapras

Generation VI

It looks good from the trailer. I have a 3DS, and I am looking forward to playing it.

Out of the starters, I probably like Fennekin the best, due to my looks-based judging. I want X because even though both the legendaries look awesome, Xerneas wins by it's shiny, beautiful antlers.

Pokémon I Dislike


I like the anime up until Best Wishes as that, in my opinion, is when the series started traveling downhill. My favorite arcs are the Indigo League, Hoenn, Battle Fronteir, and Sinnoh.

Favorite Characters

  • May-I love her mainly because of my extreme support for ContestShipping. However, I find her personality to be quite appealing; naive, sweet, and lucky. (Pretty much everything I'm not.) I like her coordinating style, and overall...she comes out as my favorite. I don't know, this is hard to explain.
  • Misty-She is probably the most similar to me. I am a tomboy, and I am (wish I was) a redhead. I find her so realistic and easy to relate to.
  • Dawn-Contrary to a lot of people, I actually like Dawn. I find her bubbly personality quite fun. But I have to admit, she was pretty annoying during that part where she lost every Contest. (I don't care what anyone says, May should have won the Wallace Cup. She's a way better coordinator than Dawn is.)
  • Drew-The hottest and awesome-st male in the entire series. *fangirls*
  • Ash-Where would the series be without him? He is very endearing.
  • Paul-Strong and silent for the win. Love the bad-a**ery.
  • Brock-I love this guy so much. Part of the reason that I quit the anime after Best Wishes is because he left. I literally cried when that happened.
  • Gary-He's so awesome. And then he turned hot in Sinnoh, and I was just like, "Snap."

Iris and Cilan

Overall, I just don't really like these two. I can stand them, sure (Cilan a little more than Iris) but they both kind of just annoyed me. Iris' "You're such a kid!" annoyed the fudge out of me, and Cilan's eccentric-ness was just...weird.

Team Rocket

Like most people, I fount Jessie, James, and Meowth pretty annoying. Every episode, it was same old same old from them, and I got tired of it fast.

But then they turned all swag and smart in Best Wishes, and I did not accept it. Believe it or not, I actually disliked their new attitude more than their old one. Now I wish they'd turn back. This is another reason I don't like Best Wishes.

I guess you never know how much you like something until it's gone, eh?


I am a true romantic deep down. I do not mind yaoi or yuri; however, I mostly ship straight. I don't really ship in the games, and I don't do nevermets. Don't be offended by any of my ranting here.


May and Drew in all their shipping glory.
  • ContestShipping-My OTP. It is just so right! He gives her roses. It's like, "Hello, May, wake up, they're not for your Beautifly."
  • PokéShipping-They belong together. Misty was always cheering him on, and they have such good chemistry.
  • IkariShipping-I'm going to be lame and say the usual, "Opposites attract." Well, it's true! Plus, the tension going on between them is so fun.
  • QuestShipping-This is ship is practically cannon.
  • WishfulShipping-True, I don't particularly like Iris or Cilan, but they are cute together. (Curse my romantic mind afjhjdslfk-)
  • PenguinShipping-I still think this ship is cute, deep down underneath my love for Ikari. Plus, it was the first ship to get me into the shipping universe, so it holds a special place in my heart. (But it does have the best evidence.)
  • RocketShipping-Made in heaven, 'nuff said.
  • ShootsDownShipping-Pairing up the two who are left. Well, Kenny and Zoey are pretty similar, and they would look cute together.

Manga (Pokémon Adventures)

  • SpecialShipping-Yellow just cares for Red so much. I think they would be abso-freaking-lutely adorable together.
  • OldrivalShipping-The sexual tension is amazing with these two. I really wish something would happen between these two.
  • HaughtyShipping-I know a lot of people prefer CommonerShipping over this, especially since Diamond had such an obvious crush on Lady, but the sexual tension between Pearl and Lady is just so high that I can't help but ship them. I think they would be a great couple, especially since Pearl does care for Lady a lot. (This also reminds me a lot of ContestShipping, which may be another reason why I love it so.)
  • AgencyShipping-Even though Black is completely oblivious, I think that he and White would be great together. All those scenes in the manga gave me feels, dang it!


I don't really ship Pokémon together (and I definitely don't do it with a human) but there is one that I believe in, and that is LightningPearlShipping. (Dawn's Piplup with Ash's Pikachu.) I think that these two became great friends over the Sinnoh arc, and when I saw them crying and hugging in the last episode, my heart literally broke.

I couldn't believe that nobody else supported this ship after watching that scene. Why LagomorphShipping? WHY?

Either way, I find Dawn's Buneary to be annoying, especially when she's fangirl-ing over Pikachu. (Anyways, I thought that Buneary acted like a complete jerk to the Phione in DP113. I would ship those two together if I could.)

Least Favorite Ships

Basically anything that contradicts what I like. But, if I had to choose one, it would be AdvanceShipping, for obvious reasons.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow