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Hey, what's up? This is Empress Empoleon. :-) But you can call me Nanny, or simply EE. I don't know how you got to my page, since I'm not really a notable user, but I hope you enjoy and find whatever you were looking for!

So, hi. :-D Not much to really say right now.

I got introduced to Pokémon from my best friend in second grade. I landed my grubby paws on a Platinum game, and I was hooked. I started with a Piplup, and it was so much fun, because I didn't know that there were walk-throughs and such online. (And therefore played myself 100%) My first Pokémon was a Piplup, and I still love it to this day.

So, yes, I am one of those people who joined in Generation 4 and onwards. But I do have respect for the older generations. I agree that the original anime was the best of all. (though I still like today's anime.) However, I do think that the newer games are better than the older ones. I'm just one of those people who likes better graphics and clearer music in games.

So, afterward, I got a SoulSilver copy and a White copy. Though I am admittedly much older now, I still play a lot. I also like Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs (a game that was not very popular.)

When I first found Bulbapedia, I enjoyed reading all the articles, especially since they were so detailed. It was impossible to NOT find what you were looking for. Then, I got an account. I have since gotten used to the wiki, and I now try to help out as much as I can.

My Contributions

Well, relatively, it's really just the beginning. I'm quite a sticker for grammar and spelling, so a lot of the edits I make are minor.

I have fixed quite a few stub articles though. I don't remember which, but I think they're in either the Shipping, Anime, or Location categories. :-/

Page-wise, I've only made one, honest-to-goodness, new page-Minamo Shipping. It was on the top of the to-do list, so I wanted to help. (I am a member of Project Shipping) after all.)

Since I'm so new, feel free to drop me advice (or even a hello!) on my talk page!

Pokémon Teams

I wouldn't say I'm bad, but I'm not the greatest

I like to name myself "April" in my Pokémon play-throughs. This is because of my love for the character May and the fact that I was born in the month April.

I also tend to nickname my party Pokémon.

Note: Right now, all my parties are in progress. I'll post them here when I'm done.