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==[[Trainer card (game)|Ficha de Entrenador]]==
{| border=1 align="left" style="background: #fff; border:1px solid #000; border-collapse:collapse;"
362 avistados (73.43%)
|- style="background: #C0C0FF;"
279 atrapados (56.59%)
! [[Trainer|Entrenador]] !! [[Trainer ID number|N.º ID]] !! [[Badge|Medalla]]s !! [[Pokédex]] !! [[Hall of Fame|Hall de la Fama]] !! Código Amigo
| align="center" | [[Image:Koki.png]]<br>[[Player character|DIAMOND]]
| align="center" | 00033
| align="center" |
|- align="center"
| [[Image:Badge_sinnoh_1.png|25px|Coal Badge]]
| [[Image:Badge_Sinnoh_2.png|25px|Forest Badge]]
| [[Image:Badge_Sinnoh_3.png|25px|Cobble Badge]]
| [[Image:Badge_Sinnoh_4.png|25px|Fen Badge]]
|- align="center"
| [[Image:badge_Sinnoh_5.png|25px|Relic Badge]]
| [[Image:badge_Sinnoh_6.png|25px|Mine Badge]]
| [[Image:badge_Sinnoh_7.png|25px|Icicle Badge]]
| [[Image:badge_Sinnoh_8.png|25px|Beacon Badge]]
| align="center" | 362 avistados (73.43%)<br>279 atrapados (56.59%)'''
| align="center" | 14/agosto/2007<br>12:51<br>
| align="center" | xxxx xxxx xxxx
==[[Bag#Generation IV|Bolsa]]==
<br clear="left">
==[[Trainer card (game)|Ficha de Entrenador]]==
{| border=1 align="left" style="background: #fff; border:1px solid #000; border-collapse:collapse;"
|- style="background: #C0C0FF;"
! Pokémon<br><small>[[Poké Ball|Ball]], [[Nickname|Nombre]], [[Gender|Género]]</small> !! [[Elemental types|Tipo]]s !! Personality<br><small>[[Nature|Naturaleza]], Area met</small> !! [[Ability|Habilidad]]<br><small>[[Held item]]</small> !! colspan="2" | [[Move|Movimiento]]s
| rowspan="4" valign="bottom" | [[Image:475.png]]<br>[[Image:PokeBallSpriteSmall.png]] {{p2|Gallade}} <big><span style="color:#0000FF;">♂</span></big>
| rowspan="4" | {{ic|Psychic}} {{ic|Fighting}}
| rowspan="4" | <span style="color:#FF0000;">x</span> nature.<br>fecha enctr.<br>[[Eterna Forest|<span style="color:#FF0000;">Eterna Forest</span>]]<br>Met at Lv. 11.<br>Strong willed.<br>Likes <span style="color:#FF0000;">dry</span> food.
| rowspan="4" | {{a|Steadfast}}<br><small>[[objeto]]</small>
| {{m|Peck}}
| {{ic|Flying}}
| {{m|Astonish}}
| {{ic|Ghost}}
| {{m|Pursuit}}
| {{ic|Dark}}
| {{m|Haze}}
| {{ic|Ice}}

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362 avistados (73.43%) 279 atrapados (56.59%)





Ficha de Entrenador