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Spr 5b 426.png Spr 5b 294.png Spr 5b 202 m.png Spr 2s 001.png

A quick message

Well since I saw a lot of people do it, I figured I would do it myself! I would like to thank Bulbapedia's editor-in-chief MAGNEDETH For the idea of the design. Now let's begin, shall we?

Pokémon Green Red/Blue Yellow Back Gold Silver Thoughts Appeal
Bulbasaur Spr 1g 001.png Spr 1b 001.png Spr 1y 001.png Spr b g1 001.png Spr 2g 001.png Spr 2s 001.png Well, RGB look ODD, YGS gets the stuff, and the backsprite's eye is huge. All and all, decent.
Ivysaur Spr 1g 002.png Spr 1b 002.png Spr 1y 002.png Spr b g1 002.png Spr 2g 002.png Spr 2s 002.png OMG THE POKEDEX LIED IN RB! Backsprite is, well, not-so-understandable. YGS saves the day. Somewhat good.
Venusaur Spr 1g 003.png Spr 1b 003.png Spr 1y 003.png Spr b g1 003.png Spr 2g 003.png Spr 2s 003.png Venesaur is getting crushed by his own plant in Green.So on so good, with the exception of the backsprite, and Silver. Eh, not so good.
Charmander Spr 1g 004.png Spr 1b 004.png Spr 1y 004.png Spr b g1 004.png Spr 2g 004.png Spr 2s 004.png Other than those weird eyes in Green, I suppose we have something here. Appareantly, bullseye!
Charmeleon Spr 1g 005.png Spr 1b 005.png Spr 1y 005.png Spr b g1 005.png Spr 2g 005.png Spr 2s 005.png Each one has something weird. Weirdest one? Armless Charmeleon from Green. I guess it's fine.
Charizard Spr 1g 006.png Spr 1b 006.png Spr 1y 006.png Spr b g1 006.png Spr 2g 006.png Spr 2s 006.png They all have humongous eyes, except Yellow. After all, Yellow gives hope to everyone.
Squirtle Spr 1g 007.png Spr 1b 007.png Spr 1y 007.png Spr b g1 007.png Spr 2g 007.png Spr 2s 007.png GRB looks super-cute. Other than that, I ain't a hater. Nothing wrong here. Perfect.
Wartortle Spr 1g 008.png Spr 1b 008.png Spr 1y 008.png Spr b g1 008.png Spr 2g 008.png Spr 2s 008.png RB is fat, backsprite has an army scar, and YGS gets it right. Again. I't somewhat of a sucsess.
Blastoise Spr 1g 009.png Spr 1b 009.png Spr 1y 009.png Spr b g1 009.png Spr 2g 009.png Spr 2s 009.png RB is just Barney the Dinosaur in a shell, Gold and Silver happend one after another. Gen II is near perfect, I suppose.
Caterpie Spr 1g 010.png Spr 1b 010.png Spr 1y 010.png Spr b g1 010.png Spr 2g 010.png Spr 2s 010.png Considering the daily look of Caterpie, all these suck. Well, since no one had a Caterpie for more than 10 mins, I don't even care about this one.
Metapod Spr 1g 011.png Spr 1b 011.png Spr 1y 011.png Spr b g1 011.png Spr 2g 011.png Spr 2s 011.png The RB sprite is moving like a worm, and the backsprite got a headshot. Yellow, for the third time, is a hero.
Butterfree Spr 1g 012.png Spr 1b 012.png Spr 1y 012.png Spr b g1 012.png Spr 2g 012.png Spr 2s 012.png I don't even need to say it Yeah, SUCKS.
Weedle Spr 1g 013.png Spr 1b 013.png Spr 1y 013.png Spr b g1 013.png Spr 2g 013.png Spr 2s 013.png All fine to me. Except legless RGB. All and all, good enough.
Kakuna Spr 1g 014.png Spr 1b 014.png Spr 1y 014.png Spr b g1 014.png Spr 2g 014.png Spr 2s 014.png RB reached a new level of evolution and it will try to take over the world with it's arms. Backsprite? Fat and sloppy. Well, with gen II here, I'm not complaining.
Beedrill Spr 1g 015.png Spr 1b 015.png Spr 1y 015.png Spr b g1 015.png Spr 2g 015.png Spr 2s 015.png If we don't count the murderer looking Green, it's all pretty much good. Like I said, good enough.
Pidgey Spr 1g 016.png Spr 1b 016.png Spr 1y 016.png Spr b g1 016.png Spr 2g 016.png Spr 2s 016.png RGB is a chicken, backsprite is dead. Yeah, nice try GameFreak.
Pidgeotto Spr 1g 017.png Spr 1b 017.png Spr 1y 017.png Spr b g1 017.png Spr 2g 017.png Spr 2s 017.png Fat in RGB, and every sprite has a snake's eye. Well, decent.
Pidgeot Spr 1g 018.png Spr 1b 018.png Spr 1y 018.png Spr b g1 018.png Spr 2g 018.png Spr 2s 018.png Groovy hairstyle in Gold. RGB is fat again. I think it cold have turned out much better than this, even back then!
Rattata Spr 1g 019.png Spr 1b 019.png Spr 1y 019.png Spr b g1 019.png Spr 2g 019.png Spr 2s 019.png Fine. Yeah, fine.
Raticate Spr 1g 020.png Spr 1b 020.png Spr 1y 020.png Spr b g1 020.png Spr 2g 020.png Spr 2s 020.png Also fine, except the backsprite. Yeah, good. Well, at least better than Ratty boy over there.
Spearow Spr 1g 021.png Spr 1b 021.png Spr 1y 021.png Spr b g1 021.png Spr 2g 021.png Spr 2s 021.png It just isn't Spearow in any of those, mostly becuse the beak. I guess GSC is fine.
Fearow Spr 1g 022.png Spr 1b 022.png Spr 1y 022.png Spr b g1 022.png Spr 2g 022.png Spr 2s 022.png I'm not sure about in what position are RGB. Cool backsprite. Looks good to me.
Ekans Spr 1g 023.png Spr 1b 023.png Spr 1y 023.png Spr b g1 023.png Spr 2g 023.png Spr 2s 023.png None of those are actually Ekans. They're more of a Bellsprout/snake thingy. Nothing much.
Arbok Spr 1g 024.png Spr 1b 024.png Spr 1y 024.png Spr b g1 024.png Spr 2g 024.png Spr 2s 024.png Why does Green give me the willies? Meh, it's fine.
Pikachu Spr 1g 025.png Spr 1b 025.png Spr 1y 025.png Spr b g1 025.png Spr 2g 025.png Spr 2s 025.png RGB has an egg inside it. YGS is very good. Seriously, the could have shown better effort.
Raichu Spr 1g 026.png Spr 1b 026.png Spr 1y 026.png Spr b g1 026.png Spr 2g 026.png Spr 2s 026.png All fat. He's good....and fat.
Sandshrew Spr 1g 027.png Spr 1b 027.png Spr 1y 027.png Spr b g1 027.png Spr 2g 027.png Spr 2s 027.png Wait, is that actually a Sandshrew in RGB? Everything else is fine, except the mouse-like backsprite.
Sandslash Spr 1g 028.png Spr 1b 028.png Spr 1y 028.png Spr b g1 028.png Spr 2g 028.png Spr 2s 028.png GRB has a murderer look, and the backsprite also looks too much like a mouse. Yeah, not so good.
Nidoran♀ Spr 1g 029.png Spr 1b 029.png Spr 1y 029.png Spr b g1 029.png Spr 2g 029.png Spr 2s 029.png RB is wrong. MOAR EFFORT GameFreak!
Nidorina Spr 1g 030.png Spr 1b 030.png Spr 1y 030.png Spr b g1 030.png Spr 2g 030.png Spr 2s 030.png Same as Same as Nidoran♀. Same as Nidoran♀.
Nidoqueen Spr 1g 031.png Spr 1b 031.png Spr 1y 031.png Spr b g1 031.png Spr 2g 031.png Spr 2s 031.png It's Barney the Dinosaur in Green. Again. The rest are just fine, except the backsprite.
Nidoran♂ Spr 1g 032.png Spr 1b 032.png Spr 1y 032.png Spr b g1 032.png Spr 2g 032.png Spr 2s 032.png Same as Nidoran♀. Same as Nidoran♀.
Nidorino Spr 1g 033.png Spr 1b 033.png Spr 1y 033.png Spr b g1 033.png Spr 2g 033.png Spr 2s 033.png RGB is fat. Everything else, fine. Fine.
Nidoking Spr 1g 034.png Spr 1b 034.png Spr 1y 034.png Spr b g1 034.png Spr 2g 034.png Spr 2s 034.png Again, Barney the Dinosaur in Green! Yellow looks awesome. Fine.
Clefairy Spr 1g 035.png Spr 1b 035.png Spr 1y 035.png Spr b g1 035.png Spr 2g 035.png Spr 2s 035.png Green was separated from it's family, appearantly. Everything else fine. All fine. Kinda cute,actually.
Clefable Spr 1g 036.png Spr 1b 036.png Spr 1y 036.png Spr b g1 036.png Spr 2g 036.png Spr 2s 036.png "Your Yellow Clefable spotted a hot Machoke and doesn't want to fight!" Clefable is just a XXL sized Clefairy. So, yeah. It sucks.
Vulpix Spr 1g 037.png Spr 1b 037.png Spr 1y 037.png Spr b g1 037.png Spr 2g 037.png Spr 2s 037.png What is Green? It looks like a cuddly animal! And it has a mohawk in the backsprite! Not quite the "best Vulpix sprite of the year award winner",but whatcha gonna do?
Ninetales Spr 1g 038.png Spr 1b 038.png Spr 1y 038.png Spr b g1 038.png Spr 2g 038.png Spr 2s 038.png Green if barfing and so is RB. The backsprite also has quite a hairstyle. It's all good enough, I guess.
Jigglypuff Spr 1g 039.png Spr 1b 039.png Spr 1y 039.png Spr b g1 039.png Spr 2g 039.png Spr 2s 039.png Yellow is a satan possesed Jigglypuff, and GRB has eyes of diffrent sizes, which make them look like retards. GS to the rescue.
Wigglytuff Spr 1g 040.png Spr 1b 040.png Spr 1y 040.png Spr b g1 040.png Spr 2g 040.png Spr 2s 040.png Green, well, retarded-looking again. That's just a legacy in the Jigglypuff family, now isn't it? All a bit fat, but they're good.
Zubat Spr 1g 041.png Spr 1b 041.png Spr 1y 041.png Spr b g1 041.png Spr 2g 041.png Spr 2s 041.png All bad until GS. Well, let's just say Green, Red, Blue and Yellow have somewhat of a deformed jaw. So yeah, it sucks.
Golbat Spr 1g 042.png Spr 1b 042.png Spr 1y 042.png Spr b g1 042.png Spr 2g 042.png Spr 2s 042.png Geezuscrackers WTH! I don't even want to talk about it! Thankfully GS saves Golbat's reputation.
Oddish Spr 1g 043.png Spr 1b 043.png Spr 1y 043.png Spr b g1 043.png Spr 2g 043.png Spr 2s 043.png Not bad, not bad! Good job GameFreak! Good! Very good!
Gloom Spr 1g 044.png Spr 1b 044.png Spr 1y 044.png Spr b g1 044.png Spr 2g 044.png Spr 2s 044.png They all look like black specs with shrooms on their heads. Nuh-uh. Isn't gonna work.
Vileplume Spr 1g 045.png Spr 1b 045.png Spr 1y 045.png Spr b g1 045.png Spr 2g 045.png Spr 2s 045.png I mean they just sticked a random body under a picture of a Roffilesia!

Sereously, WTH!?

Back sprite is meh, but Yellow saves the day. FOR THE 4TH TIME!!
Paras Spr 1g 046.png Spr 1b 046.png Spr 1y 046.png Spr b g1 046.png Spr 2g 046.png Spr 2s 046.png GRB is flying, and the backsprite looks like a scorpion with fungus on its back. Well, I guess he isn't all that bad.
Parasect Spr 1g 047.png Spr 1b 047.png Spr 1y 047.png Spr b g1 047.png Spr 2g 047.png Spr 2s 047.png Did you know parasect is a zombie? Well, he sure is ugly like one. * toot * That's what he is.
Venonat Spr 1g 048.png Spr 1b 048.png Spr 1y 048.png Spr b g1 048.png Spr 2g 048.png Spr 2s 048.png Tolerable. Again, tolerable.
Venomoth Spr 1g 049.png Spr 1b 049.png Spr 1y 049.png Spr b g1 049.png Spr 2g 049.png Spr 2s 049.png RGB is giving me the willies. Everything else, fine. Aside from the backsprite, it's good.
Diglett Spr 1g 050.png Spr 1b 050.png Spr 1y 050.png Spr b g1 050.png Spr 2g 050.png Spr 2s 050.png When I said "You couldn't screw this up," that was rethorical, not a challange. Duh! Every sprite he is on a diffrent height, and his eyes are a diffrent size on every sprite, too.
Dugtrio Spr 1g 051.png Spr 1b 051.png Spr 1y 051.png Spr b g1 051.png Spr 2g 051.png Spr 2s 051.png Well at least he's better than Piglett up there. Decent.

This thing is loaded with images so I will put the next part separated from this. Coming soon!