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Legendary Trio

Solamasa is the Pokémon of the Sun, and Masamoone is the Pokémon of the Moon. According to the legend, Solamasa was aggressive and violent, and one day he challenged the peaceful and serene Masamoone to a battle, and the victor would rule the world. Their battle waged across the planet, night and day shifting back and forth as they clashed, neither giving in. It was only through the intervention of Starsanagi that the fighting was quelled. Starsanagi, Pokémon of the Stars, was the only creature brave enough to stand up to the two warriors, and strong enough to survive doing so. Starsanagi divided the cycle of day into two periods - a period of light and a period of shadow. The time of light was given to Solamasa, and the time of shadow was given to Masamoone, so that both would rule the world in their own time. Their fighting done, the two warriors retreated to their thrones.

Today, Solamasa still reigns over the time of light atop his fiery throne in the sky, while Masamoone keeps watch over us from his darkened throne during the time of shadow. It is their influences that makes the time of light one of activity and battle, while the time of shadow is one of peace and rest. Solamasa still yearns to overthrow Masamoone and claim all the world for his own. However, Starsanagi is not so foolish to leave the Sun Pokémon to his own devices, and so scattered himself into pieces surrounding Masamoone's throne, as Solamasa will not dare challenge Masamoone with Starsanagi watching him.

Solamasa is Fighting/Fire type, Masamoone is Fighting/Dark, and Starsanagi is Fighting/Steel. Solamasa's signature move is "Solar Flare". It's a Fire move with 120 power, 75% Accuracy, 5 PP, and has a chance to lower the foe's Defense and Special Defense. Masamoone's signature move is "Lunar Ray". It's a Dark move with 140 power, 90% Accuracy, 5 PP, and sharply lowers Masamoone's Special Attack. Starsanagi's signature move is "Shooting Star". It's a Steel move with 30 power, 85% Accuracy, 5 PP, and is a multi-hit move that hits 2-5 times.

Solamasa's name is derived from "Muramasa", while Masamoone's is derived from "Masamune". According to the legends, Masamune and Muramasa were rival swordsmiths. Muramasa's blades were destructive and blood-thirsty and cut anything in their path, while Masamune's swords were peaceful and cut nothing but what they needed to. Starsanagi (the name sucks I know) is named after the "Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi", a legendary sword that is one of the three imperial treasures of Japan.

Villainous Team

Within the game, depending on the version, the villainous team, Team Shadow will seek to use the power of Solamasa or Masamoone to cause an eclipse and blanket the land in darkness. In the third version, Team Shadow attempts to use both Pokémon, but only rouse them into renewing their battle. Thus, Starsanagi is called upon to quell their fighting once again. To reach their goal, Team Shadow uses powerful machines to try and control the minds of Pokémon, and is in the process of refining the technique to be strong enough to effect Solamasa and Masamoone. The leader of Team Shadow is Selena, whose ultimate goal is to fulfill a prophecy that says when darkness covers the land, the warriors of light and darkness will meet to battle atop a great tower, and the Pokemon of the Stars will appear before the victor.

Selena ultimately seizes control of one of the two Pokemon, causes an eclipse, and then in battle crushes the player with her legendary. She tells them to find the other Pokémon and meet her at the Celestial Ruins, an ancient tower believed to be where the two fought along ago, to challenge her, so they can reenact the ancient battle. The player retrieves the other Pokémon and meets Selena, and a one-on-one legendary battle is held. In the aftermath, Starsanagi descends and quells the fight, and the two Pokémon depart. Selena, confused and angry, says it wasn't the Pokémon it should have been, and battles the player, furious and blaming them for what happened. After the battle she departs.

Gym Leaders/Elite Four

  • Burnice - a Bug-type trainer, she takes a light-hearted approach to battling. As the first gym for many trainers, Burnice has no qualms with losing as long as her opponent does their best. Burnice's gym appears straight-forward at first, but large trees block the player's sight of the trainers guarding her. Burnice hands out the Cocoon Badge and gives the player a TM for Swarm Attack - 50 power, 20 PP, 100% Accuracy, Special Attack, it has a 50% chance to raise the user's Special Attack stat.
  • Flynn - a Flying-type trainer, Flynn is a hot-headed young man who strives to improve his gym's standing within the Pokémon League hierarchy. When he loses he refuses to give the player a Badge, but relents shortly after when the player defeats Team Shadow who are causing trouble nearby. Flynn's gym is full of air vents that blow hot air when switches are pressed. The vents fill up large balloons that rise (or fall) to open new paths. Flynn hands out the Gale Badge when defeated, and a TM that teaches Slicing Wind - 40 power, 20 PP, 100% Accuracy, Special Attack, it's a Flying move that goes first in battle.
  • Gwen - a Ground-type trainer, Gwen is the fourth in a long line of Gym Leaders and takes her position very seriously. She meets the player shortly after they beat Flynn, and gives them the Rock Smash HM and invites them to challenge her if they can get to her gym. Gwen's gym is full of quicksand that sends the player spinning around like spinner tiles, and if they fall into a sandtrap they get send back to the entrance. She hands out the Mud Badge when defeated, and gives a TM for Dirt Fling - 50 power, 15 PP, 90% Accuracy, Physical Attack, it's a Ground move that has a chance to lower the target's Attack.
  • Wesley - a Fighting-type trainer, Wesley constantly leaves his gym to travel in search of new Pokémon to train and battle, and is acquainted with the game's professor. When the player arrives in the city Wesley has left to go exploring, but he returns to his gym upon learning the player is also friends with the professor, promising them a match. He is undeterred by his loss and resolves to keep exploring and training. Wesley's gym is decorated with polished floors with holes in them - players must use Strength to push boulders around, and to fill in holes, to reach him. Wesley gives the Might Badge to the player, along with a TM for Brave Blow - 65 power, 20 PP, 100% Accuracy, Physical Attack, it has a chance to make the target flinch.
  • Blake - a Dragon-type trainer, Blake's gym was once a Water-type gym. However, on a trip to Johto he became infatuated with Clair from Blackthorn City and was amazed by her power, and has recently changed his focus to Dragon-types in honor of her. The change doesn't go over with the town who consider the Water-type tradition, but Blake is working to win them over. Blake's gym is full of water pits, and the player must trigger switches to move bridges around between platforms to get to him. Blake gives the player the Fang Badge and the TM that teaches Dragon Drain - 75 power, 10 PP, 100% Accuracy, Special Attack, it heals the user for half the damage they inflict.
  • Stella - a Steel-type trainer, Stella is a former Pokémon League challenger. Though she lost to the second member, the Elite Four were impressed and made her a Gym Leader in recognition of her talent. Stella still harbors hopes of a second challenge someday, but worries if her prime years are behind her. After helping the player fight Team Shadow, she is reinvigorated and resolves to go for the Championship after she improves her skills further. Stella's gym consists of magnets that can lift, move and drop steel blocks to alter the passages leading through the gym's narrow corridors. Stella gives the player the Iron Badge and her TM teaches Knockout Kick - 90 power, 10 PP, 95% Accuracy, Physical Attack, it has a chance to put the target to sleep.
  • Norma - a Normal-type trainer, Norma's gym has recently been plagued by a string of crippling defeats. Mocked for what the challengers perceived as the "weakness" of Norma's Normal-types, she has departed the gym when the player first arrives, but later returns after being reassured of her skills by Gerard. Norma's gym is a straight-forward maze with pressure pads that raise and lower walls to block or open new passages when the player walks over them. Norma gives out the Blank Badge and a TM for Energy Force - 70 power, 15 PP, 100% Accuracy, Special Attack, it has a high critical hit ratio.
  • Issac and Colton - Ice-type trainers, Issac has been appointed temporary Gym Leader since his father Colton has been injured. Colton is petitioning Pokémon League to reinstate him as leader, refusing to let his injury impair his battling skills and believing Issac is a poor trainer. After Issac helps the player foil the plans of Team Shadow, Colton agrees to help train his son into a master trainer worthy of taking his place. The player faces Issac and Colton in a double-battle, and their gym is a three-floor structure with drop-floors and rising floors, making it quite difficult to navigate. Issac and Colton give the player the Frost Badge, and a TM that teaches Ice Blast - 150 power, 5 PP, 90% Accuracy, Special Attack, it requires the user to rest after attacking.

  • Gerard - A Grass-type trainer and the first of the Elite Four, Gerard initially meets the player when they arrive at Norma's gym, and is the Elite Four member there to ascertain is Norma needs to be replaced as a leader. When met at Pokémon League, Gerard congratulates the player on their journey, but warns them many have made it to the Elite Four only to fail, and admits he'd like to see the player rise above the masses and defeat them, if only "to make things interesting around here".
  • Cecily - A Psychic-type trainer, Cecily is not met outside of Pokémon League, but is friends with Stella, being the trainer who halted Stella's challenge, and is intrigued that the player beat her. When beaten, Cecily laughs and agrees the player was a worthy challenger, and understands why Stella lost to them.
  • Walter - A Water-type trainer, Walter is a stern man who shows no mercy in the heat of battle. He considers the Elite Four the unquestioned strongest trainers in the world and openly mocks the player, considering their challenge futile. Even when defeated, he refuses to admit it and claims it was a fluke, though he lets the player move on nonetheless.
  • Clair - A Lightning-type trainer, Clair is a stoic man, arrogant and cold. He reveals in his dialogue he was once the Champion, but was defeated five years ago by the current Champion. Even if the player beats him, he warns they are no match for the current Champion and tells them he'll be waiting to hear how well they did before losing.
  • Selena - A Dark-type trainer and the leader of Team Shadow, she reveals herself as the Pokemon Champion. Selena uses her influence as the Champion to keep her leadership of Team Shadow secret, and to scout out strong trainers to join her crusade for power. She disbands Team Shadow after failing to control Solamasa/Masamoone and retreats to Pokémon League to defeat the player at last, "crushing their dreams at the pinnacle of victory - just like they did to her". When the player defeats Selena, she collapses and refuses to speak, unable to handle losing.

In dialogue with NPCs in areas after the game, as well as in post-game Team Shadow areas, it is revealed Selena was neglected as a child and was a loner ostracized by other children because she couldn't catch Pokemon; her sole companion was a Larvatar her parents got her for her birthday when they sent her to a trainer's boarding school. Her parents died in a fire while she was away, and she ran back home to find the ruins of her house. A legendary Pokemon, the Mew-equivalent, appeared to her and said it heard her sorrow, and would grant her a wish of happiness. Selena wished her parents be returned, but this was beyond the Pokemon's power, so she instead wished to be the greatest Trainer in the world. Together, she and the legendary Pokemon conquered the Gyms and the Elite Four, but as she took her place as Champion, the legendary Pokemon told her it had to leave, her wish fulfilled, it had to return to the stars. Left alone again after all they had been through together, Selena used her influence as Champion to track down strong trainers and recruit them into Team Shadow, mis-interpreting the legend about the Pokemon of the Stars to refer to her former partner and wishing to call it back to her by creating an endless night. As Champion, her ace Pokemon was Tyranitar, evolved from her childhood Larvatar, and she mastered Mega Evolution with it.

When the player catches both Solamasa and Masamoone, Starsanagi can be captured. With all three Pokemon in their party, the player can find Selena in the ruins of her childhood home, despairing after her loss and fearing she was only ever competent with the legendary Pokemon's help. Her true partner, the Pokemon of the Stars, descends, hearing her despair again, and apologizes for being forced to leave her when her wish was granted. While it can only grant a person one wish and thus cannot accept her request to stay, the Pokemon offers the player a wish. The player wishes on Selena's behalf, and the two set off on a new adventure, a reformed and reinvigorated Selena thanking the player and the Pokemon gifting them an egg that will hatch into another of itself for the player's Pokedex. After this time, under certain conditions the player can return to find Selena and battle her.

As the prophecy says, the warriors of light and shadow clashed atop a great tower (Pokémon League), and the Pokémon of the Stars appeared to the victor. While not outrated stated, the prophecy was not about the two Legendary Pokémon; it was about the player and Selena.