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Dragn is a standard Pokémon fan who is too lazy to type up a decent User page. She has been sighted elsewhere on the interwebs in locations such as deviantART and Friendster, under the alias FroggiiDragn or a name with similar misspellings of the word "frog" and "dragon." She is mostly (about 75 or 80 percent) Filipino, but also has smaller amounts of Irish and German blood. She has been known to have way too much time on her hands and exhibit behavior many would classify as either weird or insane. Her normal typing style outside of Bulbapedia has shown excessive use of the method of emotion communication known as emoticons.

In the realm known as real life, Dragn appears quite shy to people not of her acquaintance. Her companions, however, know that she can be loud and hyper at times. She enjoys gaming, drawing, reading, and other such activities in her abundant spare time. Dragn does not appear to be physically active in any way, shape, or form, with the exception of regular DDR sessions. She also obsessively collects the adorable stuffed toys called Poké Dolls and has spent an unreasonable amount of money in her desire to collect them all.

Dragn's current main team in Generation III is comprised of a Tropius, a Cradily, a Sceptile, a Meganium, a Bellossom, and a Breloom. She will make a table for them as soon as she figures out how.

Dragn is currently suffering from a viral infection and is too lazy/dizzy to add further information.