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(Carrie's Team)
(Carrie's Team)
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== Dong's Page ==
== Dong's Page ==
===Carrie's Team===
|LV1=Lv. 50
|M1P1={{m|Hydro Pump}}
|M2P1={{m|Dragon Claw}}
|LV2=Lv. 50
|M1P2={{m|Cross Poison}}
|M2P2={{m|Poison Fang}}
|M3P2={{m|Confuse Ray}}
|M4P2={{m|Air Slash}}
|LV3=Lv. 50
|M1P3={{m|Horn Attack}}
|LV4=Lv. 50
|M1P4={{m|Mega Drain}}
|M3P4={{m|Stun Spore}}
|LV5=Lv. 50
|M1P5={{m|Body Slam}}
|M3P5={{m|Double Kick}}
|M4P5={{m|Tail Whip}}
|LV6=Lv. 50
|M2P6={{m|Faint Attack}}

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