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Bag Poké Ball Sprite.pngI am Dimomarg, A Pokémon Player since the 3rd GenerationBag Poké Ball Sprite.png

Pokemon Games I've played

Game Status
Pokémon Ruby Completed, Lost
Pokémon Sapphire Completed, ???
Pokémon FireRed Completed, Given Away
Pokémon Diamond Completed, On hand
Pokémon SoulSilver Progressing, On hand

Favorite Pokémon:

Spr 4d 382.png


PokéFacts about me

  • My Favorite Pokemon game so far is SoulSilver
  • My least Favorite is Ruby
  • My first level 100 was a Raichu, but I don't have it anymore
  • My Kyogre, Along with my Rayquaza are the only Pokémon I caught in Sapphire that I still have. They are both level 100