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About Myself

A boy of Grade XII, great fan of Ash Ketchum and his buddy Pikachu. Started watching the anime regularly since the Sun and Moon series. I like the determination displayed Ash,and currently developing a liking on Go for his knowledge on Pokémon. Currently,watching the new series regularly.

My Journey with Pokémon

I was introduced to Pokémon, when I was studying in grade VII. But,started watching it regularly only,from 2016.i.e Sun and Moon series. Later I watched the Original series and Advanced Generation series,Diamond and Pearl series completely. I saw Best Wishes series,till the Pokémon league finals and missed most of the episodes. XY series was awesome,and baffled me. But, the Sun and Moon series gave the best of all. The new series is surely going to be greatly appreciated thank the Sun and Moon series.