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I admit, my Sandbox is nothing but sprites and random thoughts, no real article starting yet.

I have the best friend ever! She was bored with her old Game Boy Color so she gave me it and all her games including Pokémon Crystal! She's the best friend EVER!

Signature Ideas

--Dawnfan47 21:28, 28 November 2007 (UTC)Dawnfan47File:Spr 3e 385.gif


Random Fun Stuff

File:Spr 3e 035.gifI can't believe that this was originally supposed to be Ash's starter Pokémon!

File:Spr 3e 384.gif Emerald sprites rule!

Project Shipping logo.pngMaybe I'll become a part of Project Shipping...

Project Anime logo.pngAnd Project Anime!

File:Spr 3e 133.gifI have all the Eeveeloutions!

File:Dspika.jpg I WANT THIS! Mine's a boring white one...





Pokéshipping, Contestshipping, Ikarishipping, and Luckshipping are the BEST!!!!!!!!


[[Image:Spr 3f 133.png|60px]] This user owns all the Eeveeloutions

It's a start...