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Watches any info that has been officially released right now im trying to do one thing: create the movie 15 characters' pages. If you want to help me please let me know so i can get a head start on the movie 15

I have a star team in Heart Gold

Pokémon Journeys

First off, let me explain. I have made a story involving all of the different starter pokemon. They each have a team name. I put teams up and the Pokemon in the trainer spot is the leader. Check every Saturday for updates on the story! You cannot actually battle them in your games.

Main Kanto Team

Kanto Legends

Main Johto Team

Main Hoenn Team

Main Sinnoh Team

Main Unova Team

Zen Group

Unova Legends

Ok so these ones don't have a leader so I put Arceus as the leader but he's not really it.

Unova Legends 2