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Grzegorz Drojewski is a voice actor for the Polish-language dub of the Pokémon anime. He is also voice acting in many other popular TV series, translator and script writer.

Voices on Pokémon

Drojewski joined the series at the beginning of tenth season, when Sun Studio Polska took over dubbing of the series, decided to ignore previous cast and choose all new actors for main characters. Grzegorz Drojewski replaced Hanna Kinder-Kiss in the role of Ash. He received mixed opinions about his work from Polish Pokémon fans. Some of them stated his voice is now more suitable for Ash than previous, because in tenth season he is older and shouldn't be longer voiced by female, some others Drojewski is sounding too young, unsuitable to this role and Hanna Kinder-Kiss voice is commonly linked with Ash. In eleventh season, when Studio Eurocom began to dub the series, Hanna Kinder-Kiss returned to the voice of Ash, but Grzegorz Drojewski didn't left the cast and dubbed some less important characters, most notable Aaron.


Other non-Pokémon roles