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The Dark Lord

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My Pokémon History

My first ever Pokémon game was a faulty Pokémon Crystal. It was faulty because it wouldn't save, and it only occurred to me after I got rid of it is that I only needed to keep it on charge 24/7. I bought Pokémon Ruby and owned every Gym with my Treecko in a single day, and carried on to obtain a Salamence and the Regis. After 2 years of being unable to obtain Firered or Leafgreen, Emerald came out, so I bought that instead. DP bought a whole new version of Pokémon to me, mass communication. My friend Fantom0 was my Sparring partner and my best friend, apart from the fact he has beaten me every time I have fought him... Anyway, Pt was a change, I obtained a Giratina that became a Cornerstone in my team, until I got bored of it and transferred my Salamence. HGSS was fun, and provided me with my Ultra powerful Typhlosion with stats which where above the limit, despite being a hand raised, perfectly normal Typhlosion. The next chapter begins in the Unova region, starting with Black and White...