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The Silent Shadow
Gender male
Age 16
Hometown Lavaridge Town
Region Hoenn
Friend Code 4983-8535-5782
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My Current Team

Pokemon Pearl


So, a quick summary of exactly why I have these on my current team:

Xantryke: The first Pokemon I've ever actually EV-trained, this little baby is gonna grow up to be a Flying-Dragon destroyer. After some luck and long breeding, I was able to get a male Brave-natured Shinx with Ice Fang. With Ice Fang to help with his weakness to Ground-type moves, he's gonna be pretty hard to take down once he's Lvl. 100. Heh, I had just realized that this little guy hatched on my B-day (a day after getting this game, actually).

Dreav: I honestly love this guy; I nearly killed myself getting a Misdreavus in Crystal and I've had one in every available version up until now. He's carried the whole team in my Champion Battle and my strongest non-legendary in Pearl. My little Pride and Joy, this was the first Pokemon that I breeded in the 4th Generation. I got Shadow Ball and Dark Pulse on this guy without wasting a single TM. It's also the first one I've ever fed Poffins or given ribbons too. It's the one that says is my starter, on the right. He's also the first Pokemon I've ever leveled up to 100.

Vanterra: Got it when it was a Chimchar. Is my REAL starter and probably more physical than my Blaziken in Emerald.

VanAxel: Way back in '02 (I think) when I got Crystal (My first pokémon game), I chose Cyndaquil as my starter. I named it Axel back then, and it was the lead of my team. With my then minimal knowledge or strategy of pokémon and Axel's superior offensive skills, I pretty much pwned any CPU trainer in my way, and, after I caught Suicune, I butchered the Elite Four. After a friend of mine (I don't know how many times I can thank her for this) gave me a Cyndaquil egg on Serebii (After days of searching for a Cyndaquil), I decided that, basically, the pokémon that was gonna hatch from that egg, would be my original starter's reincarnation (?I think is the proper term). Because my starter in that game was named Vanterra (I'm pretty sure Van is a latin prefix for flame), I named my new partner VanAxel. And after all the strategizing and everything I used to make VanAxel be the best darn Typhlosion out there, I can conclude this summary by confidently saying that I still don't know how to thank that friend enough.

Stryke: In that same copy of Crystal, the first Bug-type, no the first Flying-type, actually the first pokemon I had ever caught after the day I got the game, was a Scyther. I still don't know how I was lucky enough to see Scyther in that Bug-Catching Contest (it was the first one I saw), but I did, and it's Wing Attack was very helpful on my journey. Another friend of mine gave me the egg (also on Serebii), and it came with Night Slash and X-Scissor (both lvl up moves). I basically use him for the Dark- and Fighting-types I can't otherwise be offensive against. Swords Dance boosts it's 356 (at lvl. 100) attack stat to 999 in only 2 turns, so this guy is pretty tough.

I don't do much, other than free battling and breeding. I mostly just hang around Serebii or Bulbapedia suggestin' movesets (apparently I'm good at that now :P) or makin' grammatical corrections, lol.