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This template combines Template:Fiorepkmn, Template:Almiapkmn and Template:Obliviapkmn into one template, making use of another new template, User:Dannyboy601/Template:FM, while also borrowing elements from Template:Catch. It is designed to list the Pokémon that can be encountered in the Pokémon Ranger games. Currently, it is not intended to include scripted, one-off encounters with Pokémon that are released immediately after capture, such as bosses, Pokémon belonging to members of villainous teams and Pokémon that are the primary focus of missions or quests.



Pokémon Location Poké Assist Field Move Loops
276msra.png Taillow No style="background: #Template:Outside Larry's house color;" | Outside Larry's house 1
Partner Pokémon
311msra.png Plusle Yes style="background: #Template:Outside the Ranger Base (if the player is female) color;" | Outside the Ranger Base (if the player is female)
312msra.png Minun Yes style="background: #Template:Outside the Ranger Base (if the player is male) color;" | Outside the Ranger Base (if the player is male)

Go-Rock Squad Base

Pokémon Location Poké Assist Field Move Loops
092msra.png Gastly Yes -
125msra.png Electabuzz Yes 3
374msra.png Beldum Yes 1
375msra.png Metang Yes 2
376msra.png Metagross Yes 3
248msra.png Tyranitar Yes 3

Ice Lake

Pokémon Location Poké Assist Field Move
File:026mssoa.png Raichu Yes File:PA.png  Recharge Recharge 4
File:398mssoa.png Staraptor Yes File:PA.png  Flying Fly -
File:037mssoa.png Vulpix Yes File:PA.png  Fire Burn 1
File:395mssoa.png Empoleon Yes File:PA.png  Water River Flow 2
File:124mssoa.png Jynx Yes File:PA.png  Psychic Teleport -
File:460mssoa.png Abomasnow Yes style="background: #Template:(requires Tackle 3) color;" | File:(requires Tackle 3) PA.png (requires Tackle 3) Ice Crush 3
File:471mssoa.png Glaceon Yes File:PA.png  Ice Crush 3

Haruba Desert

Pokémon Location Poké Assist Field Move
File:135mssoa.png Jolteon Yes File:PA.png  Electric Electrify 3
File:022mssoa.png Fearow Yes File:PA.png  Flying Cut 3
File:084mssoa.png Doduo Yes File:PA.png  Normal Agility -
File:112mssoa.png Rhydon Yes File:PA.png  Ground Tackle 3
File:451mssoa.png Skorupi Yes File:PA.png  Poison Crush 1
File:331mssoa.png Cacnea Yes File:PA.png  Grass Tackle 1
File:332mssoa.png Cacturne Yes File:PA.png  Grass Crush 2
File:450mssoa.png Hippowdon Yes File:PA.png  Ground Sand Fill -
File:330mssoa.png Flygon Yes File:PA.png  Dragon Cut 4

Aqua Resort

Pokémon Location Poké Assist Field Move
File:235msgs.png Smeargle Yes File:Assist.png  Normal Tackle 2
File:209msgs.png Snubbull Yes File:Assist.png  Normal Tackle 2
File:210msgs.png Granbull Yes File:Assist.png  Normal Tackle 3
File:447msgs.png Riolu No File:Assist.png  Fighting Crush 2

Sophian Road

Pokémon Location Poké Assist Field Move
File:159msgs.png Croconaw Yes style="background: #Template:Hidden in the bushes (requires Roar) color;" | File:Hidden in the bushes (requires Roar) Assist.png Hidden in the bushes (requires Roar) Water Crush 3
File:185msgs.png Sudowoodo Yes style="background: #Template:Disgused as a curious tree (requires Soak 2) color;" | File:Disgused as a curious tree (requires Soak 2) Assist.png Disgused as a curious tree (requires Soak 2) Rock Crush 2
File:315msgs.png Roselia Yes File:Assist.png  Grass Cut 2
File:026msgs.png Raichu Yes File:Assist.png  Recharge Recharge 4
File:205msgs.png Forretress Yes File:Assist.png  Normal Tackle 3
File:416msgs.png Vespiquen Yes style="background: #Template:Hidden in a tree (requires Tackle 1) color;" | File:Hidden in a tree (requires Tackle 1) Assist.png Hidden in a tree (requires Tackle 1) Bug Crush 3
File:193msgs.png Yanma Yes File:Assist.png  Bug Cut 2
File:398msgs.png Staraptor Yes File:Assist.png  Flying Fly -
455msgs.png Carnivine Yes File:Assist.png  Grass Cut 2



This template begins the table. It takes two parameters. The first is a number between 1 and 3 that indicates the game in which the area appears. 1 corresponds to Pokémon Ranger, 2 corresponds to Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia and 3 corresponds to Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs. The second parameter is the type of terrain that the area comprises, such as "Forest" or "Ocean". For a full list of options, see here.


This template divides the table into sections. It takes three parameters. The first and second parameters should be the same number between 1 and 3 and type of terrain as in the header. The third parameter is the text that appears in the divider.


This template provides information on a single Pokémon that can be found in the area, with each instance of the template corresponding to a new row in the table. It takes up to ten parameters. The first parameter should be the same number between 1 and 3 as in the header. The second and third parameters are the Pokémon's National Pokédex number and name respectively. The fourth parameter is the Pokémon's group as listed in the Browser. The fifth parameter may be set to either "Yes" or "No" to indicate if the Pokémon can be registered as captured (Yes) or only seen (No) in the Browser. "No" should be used, for example, if the Pokémon belongs to a friendly NPC, is in an unreachable location or otherwise does not engage the player in battle. The sixth parameter is the precise location that the Pokémon can be found, including details on any required field moves. The seventh parameter is the type of Poké Assist that the Pokémon has, which is often, but not necessarily, the same as its group. The eighth and ninth parameters are the name and level of the Pokémon's field move. If the field move is one that has no level (i.e., Cross, Flash, Agility, Airlift, Dark Power, Demist, Elevate, Fly, Magma Flow, Rain Dance, Sand Fill, Stink, Swim or Teleport), "-" should be used in place of a number for the ninth parameter. If the Pokémon has no field move at all, both the eighth and ninth parameters should be left blank. The tenth parameter indicates the number of loops required to capture the Pokémon, and, as such, should only be used for areas that appear in the first Pokémon Ranger game.


This template ends the table. It takes two parameters, which should be the same number between 1 and 3 and type of terrain as in the header.