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An image of a lake from the Pokédex in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen
Lakes are large bodies of fresh water that are found in the Pokémon world. They tend to be home to a vast variety of Pokémon, mainly Water and Grass types, as well as several others that live on the water's edge.

General description

Lakes were not present in the main series games until Generation II, which introduced the Lake of Rage in northern Johto. Lakes aren't very common in the main series games, and have mainly appeared in spin-offs or the anime. Only five Lakes have appeared in the main series so far, with the majority (four) of them appearing in Sinnoh. All lakes require the use of Surf in order to be explored fully.

List of lakes in the Pokémon world

Main series

English name Japanese name Region Connecting locations
Lake of Rage いかりのみずうみ Lake of Rage Johto Route 43
Lake Verity シンジこ Shinji Lake Sinnoh Route 201
Lake Valor リッシこ Risshi Lake Sinnoh Route 214
Lake Acuity エイチこ Eichi Lake Unova Route 217
Sendoff Spring おくりのいずみ Sendoff Spring Unova Route 214

Spin-off games

English name Japanese name Region Connecting locations
Ice Lake こおりのみずうみ Ice Lake Almia Between Almia Castle and Hia Valley
Mystic Lake しんぴのみずうみ Mysterious Lake Pokémon Mystery Dungeon world
Waterfall Lake たきのみずうみ Waterfall Lake Pokémon Mystery Dungeon world
Fogbound Lake エイチこ Eichi Lake Pokémon Mystery Dungeon world Steam Cave
Lake Afar はてのみずうみ Lake End Pokémon Mystery Dungeon world