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Hi, my name is Dannyboy 601, and I've been a Pokémon fan since the release of Diamond and Pearl. The first game I ever played was Pearl, and after that Heartgold and Black. After a long time of being bored to death of Black after I completed it, I decided to start from the original games and work my way through the entire series. I even brought myself a Game Boy Color. I've completed Blue and Yellow, and am currently playing Gold.

I first joined Bulbapedia a couple of years ago, and only really did minor things like fix grammar or spelling mistakes for the first few weeks, until eventually I started to do bigger things such as upload images and help write walkthroughs. I have many accounts across NIWA, all with the same name, and I have helped out a bit on those as well. I am now hoping to become more involved in WiKirby and Zelda Wiki in particular, but I will still make sure to do as much as I can for Bulbapedia.

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