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(Food for thought)
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==Food for thought==
==Food for thought==
Trapinch -> Vibrava -> Salamence
Bagon -> Shelgon -> Flygon
==From DPBP==
==From DPBP==
I don't wanna lose this bit on information so I'll put it here. Regarding DPBP...
I don't wanna lose this bit on information so I'll put it here. Regarding DPBP...

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Food for thought

food_for_thought2.png Also: Trapinch -> Vibrava -> Salamence Bagon -> Shelgon -> Flygon


I don't wanna lose this bit on information so I'll put it here. Regarding DPBP...

  • Aipom and Ambipom, expected to be numbers 218 and 219, respectively, were moved to #267 and #268. It is unknown why their original position after the Hoppip family was changed. The next family, Sunkern's, occupies numbers 219 and 220. As Aipom received a new evolution and would have required a second slot, MK's hypothesis is that they forgot about Ambipom when numbering the Pokémon. The following Pokémon, all of which notably do not evolve, were moved:
    • Qwilfish, expected to be #267, was moved to #218.
    • Girafarig, expected to be #259 after Wobbuffet, was moved all the way to #489, after Gastrodon; this is where Ambipom's space would have been had he been unrelated to Aipom.
    • Shuckle, expected to be #268 (#267 accommodating Qwilfish's move), was moved to Girafarig's place.


I was looking through a text file I had and found this text. I apparently wrote it in response to someone who thought Burmy was related to Pineco.
I am pasting it here for archived hilarity, as it seems I never posted it (that I can remember).
I can personally guarantee these 2 Pokemon aren't related. LOOK AT THEM. Geez.
Both Metapod and Kakuna are classified as "Cocoon" Pokemon. Surely Kakuna is a pre-evolution of Metapod. 
They both know String Shot and Harden too :oooo
Aside from that, bugs do NOT get pre-evolutions. They are not mammals. They do not grow. Bugs have stages. Either:

a) Larva (baby) - Pupa (cocoon) - Adult (final)
cf. Caterpie, Weedle, Wurmple,

b) Child - Adult
cf. Paras, Venonat, Ledyba, Spinarak, Pineco, Surskit, Nincada, Anorith

c) One-form
cf. Scyther, Pinsir, Yanma, Shuckle, Heracross, Volbeat, Illumise, Korobooshi (maybe)

The only bug to gain a new evolution was Scyther, and that was NOT a natural thing. It has to be traded with an item, where it is coated with steal. There is no visual, textual, nor logical reason to assume Pineco and Minomutchi are related.

If by some act of Satan these 2 are, I will personally drive to the house of anyone who thinks they were and hand them 10 American dollars.

Lol 2: The awakening

This is from a topic on [serebii.net] but it appears to have been deleted, luckily I saved it:
birds:  ice electric fire
beasts: electric fire water
golems: ice rock steel
(3months before DP i told here that there will be a legi trio containing a water, a steel or rock and new type legendary and most probably be dragons)
dragons: water steel ghost
see the pattern? =D
the next will be rock ghost and something new

i'll explain one more time:
they made a trio of pokes that all represented the (almost)same animal
they did birds!

then they made another trio in the next gen, the cats(NOT DOGS! wtf...tiger/cheetah/lion lol)....but they didnt want to have the same type combinations over and over 127gens long....so they decided to change some types every gen:
they used fire and electric again, but changed ice to water:
no ice

3rd gen:
the golems
cause they've decided to use every type 2 times, they used the ice type! simple! logical! briliant!
so they had 2 options now:
use water and a new type OR two new types...
water and ice in the same trio seemed odd, so 2 new types:

i hope u all understand this till now

4th gen:
"lets get something new =q we need more psychic legends!11"
the 3 psychic pixies were made
some guys from gamefreak said to the boss: "but i dont want to get rid of an unfinished trio type pattern q_q"(cos' there were 3types that have not been used twice)
the boss:"i have an great idea!!!1...LETS CHANGE THE BOXART LEGENDS TYPES TO TRIO TYPES!!1"
[as everyone who knows how the pattern goes could predict the types as this:
1st: water for sure o_O
2nd: rock or steel hmmmm....
3rd: the left of rock/steel (what would end the trio type tradition) OR (if they dont want too end the tradition) a new type
lets see what happened]

boxart legens:

"WAIT!...they are much stronger than normal trios....so what about their guardian? <<"
the boss:"simple! lets make an even stronger pokemon!1"


"are we going to add another legendary because of the pixie trio?"
"no...just change their colors, so that they match dialga/palkia/giradina...
so every pixie has its own "guardian""

is that clear enough?
[b]the pattern is:
1. change 1 or 2 types every trio, so it doesnt get annoying
2. use every type twice
3. each type has to be repeated one or two gens after adding to the pattern

and u said it yourself that the first types were repeated two times already o_O[b]

------------yes but i didnt make so much up
i started to made up stuff the GF were saying, after i described the pattern and everything till 4th gen

and yes there is no true trio like in the past gens....but they still use the pattern of them on the dimension legendarys
i mean look at them:
water steel ghost....
water (hi suicune?)
steel (hi registeel?)
ghost (it isnt rock, like there was no ice in 2nd,no water in 3rd)

1st gen types: 1 2 3
2nd gen: 2 3 4
3rd: 1 5 6
4th: 7 6 4
can u imagine how this goes on and on? no?:
5th: 5 7 8
6th: 8 9 10
7th: 9 10 11
8th: 10 12 13
9th: 11 12 14
10th: 13 14 15.........