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A Little Bit About Me


Hey, this is CrystalMarina97, but you can call me Crys for short. I currently reside in London, England so most of the Pokemon stuff comes later than usual for people living in America. I mean they don't even sell Pokemon Adventures here so I have to usually order it by amazon but that's another story... The whole Pkemon fandom thing started for me in 2004 when i was about only 8. I bought my Pokemon game ever...which was sapphire...It was the best game I ever played and thought that it couldn't get better. I called my self TAMMY (hint, hint for my real name). I started off with a mudkip and called it MUDDY. Later on new additions to my team were a beautifly called FLY, a taillow called...urm, didn't have a nickname. I battled the gym leaders that came in my way (catching Kyogre with a premier ball)and eventually went off to battle the Elite 4. Well it took me like 2 hours to beat them (Steven was like really hard) and I went to the hall of fame. I thought that was over but then I discovered there was more (YAY)and i caught rayquaza later on (I caught it with a repeat ball). That was the end for me.

I the discoverd that there was a pokemon firered and leafgreen. I decided to buy leafgreen and started playing it. I started off with a bulbasaur called Saur (I didn't even know that was the name of Red's venasaur...). I then got quite a few pokemon and went on to face the Elite 4. After the Elite 4 I struck lucky with catching two shiny pokemon (I didn't even know it was shiny until my brother came along and told me. They were a a shiny Pidgey (now a Pidgeot) and a shiny Sentret (now a level 100 Furret). I also came across an odd looking red dog thing..