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DISCLAIMER:If I'm using your template and am not giving you credit, I'm sorry. I'm copy pasting this stuff from various userpages and I'm not sure who to give the credit to. Let me know via talk page/email, and I'll be sure to give you a mention.

About Me

Ok, hi everybody. I'm Cold, formerly known as Kkllnn. I'm known as AmericanLights or kkllnn1024 on pretty much everywhere except here. My first name is Colin, but I'm not telling you any more than that :P

I joined Bulbapedia sometime in 2008, and have been a die-hard Pokémon fan since 2005.

How I contribute

I don't have a regular editing pattern. I'm mostly a WikiGnome, spamming the Random page button and searching for spelling and grammar errors, as well as other minor things such as redlinks and double redirects.

I'm also a HUGE fan of the original Mystery Dungeon games, so I have some expertise there. Although, I have no idea why so many people prefer the sequels.

Other games I have are Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Emerald, although the Pearl is my brother's and he rarely lets me play. I also have Shadows of Almia.

My interest in Bulbapedia is on/off, but when I'm active, I always do my best to help.

Outside Bulbapedia


I played competitively on Shoddy Battle and its successor, Pokémon Lab before both their best servers closed down. I'm currently playing Gen V on Pokémon Online.

The teams I use are in the teams section of this page.

I occasionally do Nuzlocke runs, but I'm really impatient when it comes to grinding.

Real Life

I live in Canada somewhere.

Also, I'm a brony. That's cool with you guys, right? Ok.

I play Minecraft and Starcraft and whatever semi-entertaining games my crappy computer can run, really.

Other than this, my life isn't very interesting.

Other Stuff

I should really get something to put here.