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Black and White

Hone Claws is on my Garchomp so that I use it a few times...Then I can spam Dragon Rush with like 2x Attack, and Higher Accuracy so I wont have to worry about the kinda inaccurate Dragon Rush. Then my Cresselia is a Dual Screener in Multi-Player. And my Hydreigon and Salamence both have Draco Meteor so I can tear things up with it (Well, with my Salamence with STAB, Dragon Fang equipped, and the fact my Salamence has over 200 S.Attk., then my Hydreigon has Draco Meteor so that if my Salamence faints, I have backup). I feel SO sad I had to get rid of my Lucario in order to have Keldeo on my team :( and I have the Amulet Coin held so that I can Money Grind.


Coming soon!


I named my Tentacruel Acooltent in honor of a Tentacool in Pokémon Stadium (Yes, there was SERIOUSLY a Tentacool in Pokémon Stadium named ACOOLTENT). Also, I named my Blaziken Wakasyamo because that's Combusken's Japanese name, and my Slaking is named Flash because I have a fat lazy dog named Flash. My Slaking has Hyper Beam because I can take advantage of the game Mechanics of Gen III SO HARD (First off, Slaking has a base attack stat of 160, and all Normal type moves are Physical in that Generation, plus I have a Slik Scarf held to power up Hyper Beam even more WITH STAB, and when I use Hyper Beam, if I beat the opponent, the game will say: "The opponent is sending out <Pokémon>, would you like to switch?" I get off the 1 turn Penalty of Hyper Beam, and I get off the ability Truant too ).


Coming Soon!

White 2 (in progress)

My Flaaffy is named Amphy because its cute. I have no idea why I have Endeavor on my Solosis.. Foresight is staying on my Lucario because I might run into the annoying Ghost type Pokémon that it could normally not do anything to (Gengar and its family). I have a Lucario because I had a really good time using a Lucario in Black. Amphy is my "challenge" Pokémon, it takes awhile to get good. *. I had such a good run with Reuniclus that I decided to use it again! I came up with Snivanator's name..XD can't believe I really named it that (it was perfect that it fit in the text limitations!) Return is not gonna stay on my Lucario for long..just there if I come across a Pokémon that resist both Ground and Fighting. I am planning to get Aura Sphere, Extreme Speed, and Earthquake later on my Lucario.

Planned team

Progress in White 2

  • Gotten 4 badges
  • Gotten to Driftveil city
  • Gotten Thundurus and Tornadus from Dream Radar
  • Registered my Game card to Global Link
    • Gotten over 1000 Dream points (only tucked in a Pokémon 2 times)
  • Unlocked the Keldeo Resolute forme C-Gear skin (still gotta wake up my Thundurus so I can get it on it)

The things I need to do in White 2

  • TRADE OVER KELDEO!!! Gotta get to my friend to do this (I had more DS's, but I got rid of them and only have a 3DS)
  • Train up all Pokémon to level 33 (Like, the Driftveil city Gym trainers are seriously more higher leveled than me ._.)