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Welcome to my User Page! Still working on this whole editing thing, so if I make a mistake, feel free to fix it!

My Top Favorite Pokémon

  1. Victni- I really like Victni
  2. Mewtwo- It used to be my Favorite Pokémon, but I still like it because its MEWTWO, I mean, it destroyed the Pokémon Mansion (Which I wish it destroyed the whole thing), and it got a EX TCG Card (Which I have the collectors Jumbo Card).
  3. Cresseila
  4. Blaziken
  5. Rayquaza

My Personal Story on how I found my Shiny Sableye

It was a boring day, I was playing Pokémon Emerald, I was at the Sky Pillar grinding up EXP. points (since the Sky Pillar most of the time has high leveled powerful wild Pokémon) and I kept running away from Sableye's since they're annoying and I want to grind up more EXP. in 1 battle, and then there I was, at the beginning of the battle, you could see it, the altered Coloration, and it had the Shiny Animation, it really was, it was a SHINY SABLEYE, but anyways, it was annoying to catch, I came into the Sky Pillar with 19 ULTRA BALLS, and I didn't try to catch any other Pokémon other than the Shiny Sableye, and I came out after trying to catch it WITH 2.

User Tags

I have User Tags also, so I organized them.

I am putting this image of Victini at the bottom of my Page because it is big and empty.