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I'll replace this when I think of something more constructive. This is also a practice run. Sorry if I'm breaking any rules.


Okay, so not much to say, I only clicked this is sheer excitement.

I just found my first shiny since the days of Pokémon Silver, and it was a Gible. Which is great!

And because it's shiny sprite is barely different from it's original, I didn't even noticed untill it's sparkled, and when it did well... let's just say I needed a change of pants... kidding.

The best part is I'd just caught a Gible the night before, and then saved and quit for the day. And it was on the way out of the cave that I found it. So it was purely unexpected.


... and well... it almost beat me. I only just got Platinum, so I went there as soon as I could access it, so my part is only like, 15-20, and most had fainted coz I hadn't been to a Pokécenter in a while.