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MAGNEDETH was the last person to edit this page. As you can tell, he did an amazing job with his work. Email me Talk to me Archives talk Send a private message Chiefboz is most likely asleep right now. If you're lucky, messages will be responded to at some point soon, but otherwise, check back in 24 hours.

Feel free to use this template as you wish. You don't have to ask me for permission to use it.

This template will update automatically, so there should be no worries about inaccurate numbers.

You can choose a color scheme for the template if you want to. Use parameter 1 for the foreground color (default is black color and black color dark), and use number 2 for the foreground color (default is white color light). #1 is always {{{1}}} color and {{{1}}} color dark, and 2 is always {{{2}}} color light. Try grabbing everyone's attention with FireRed and LeafGreen. :D

Some color schemes, like using blue as the background, may result in the links being hard to find. They are little arrows (→) that can be found right after the category name. They follow the standard link colors: blue is normal, purple for visited, and if an admin deletes a category, they'll be in red.

Be aware, though, of how the foreground and background match up against each other like they do now. It's all nice and pretty...