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Hi, I'm Torchickens; a moderator and Wiki Sysop of the currently offline Glitch City Laboratories forums and an adminstrator on Starfy Wiki. I also make videos of Pokémon glitches on Youtube as ChickasaurusGL. Unfortunately, I might not be able to edit Bulbapedia as much as I used to, but I'll still make the odd edit to Bulbapedia when I can.

I plan on expanding the page about the Pokémon Mobile System GB and making an article about the Mobile Adapter GB itself, with information about the Mobile Trainer cartridge that came with it.

Generation I glitch team

Below is a primarily subjective comparison to some glitch Pokémon against Smogon's Generation I OU and Uber tiers based on ridiculous facts surrounding these glitch Pokémon. I've set my own glitch battles using teams with these Pokémon but I've yet to test them against purely OU Pokémon. See below.

(please remove this video if it isn't suitable)

By ChickasaurusGL
This video is not available on Bulbapedia; instead, you can watch the video on YouTube here.

I set myself an informal guideline not to use the Q trick or save corruption exploits to get the moves, although I did allow level 100+ moves even though there is no clear cut way to get some glitch Pokémon past level 100 without such methods. I restricted the moves to equivalent trade, learnset moves, level 100+ 'advance' moves and TM/HM moves.

I should have allowed Johto guard glitch Pokémon tradeover moves for those with index numbers in ranging from 1-250 but there was no clear verification that the glitch worked then.


YGlitch176.png Yellow only glitch. It is of (Invalid)/Normal type and becomes 'M in Red/Blue.

This is a rather unusual wall, which additionally acts as a huge offensive threat. It has 33 Base HP, but it still manages to take a +6 Amnesia Psychic from Mewtwo and survive with ~1/2 of its HP without any stat boosts. Why? It has 206 Base Defense and 236 Base Special and it has 233 Attack and access to physical STAB Normal attacks to equally excel against potent special walls such as Chansey. It doesn't care much about Paralysis because its speed is awful anyway. It especially works great under Leech Seed.

65535 Atk Exp 65535 Def Exp 65535 Special Exp 65535 Speed Exp

Moves that might work

Feel free to edit this section, with respect to the 1 edit per day limit.

Stun Spore (prevolution)* Thunder Wave (TM45 from 'M) Ice Beam (TM13 from 'M) Mega Drain (TM21) Egg Bomb (TM37) Mega Kick (TM05) Earthquake (TM26) Softboiled (TM41) Blizzard (TM14 from 'M) Swords Dance (TM03 from 'M)

*The Stun Spore is from evolution of a certain glitch Pokémon now attainable via the Johto guard glitch.