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Broloth is a PokeMon Trainer that specializes in collecting shiny PokeMon. So far his history of shinies have included, in order:

  • Encountered/Caught/Defeated/Escaped From Gyrados (Pokemon Silver but who hasn't?)
  • Encountered Ditto (Pokemon Crystal)
  • Encountered Sudowoodo (Pokemon Silver)
  • Hatched Igglybuff (Pokemon Crystal)
  • Received in Trade brother's Gulpin (Pokemon Ruby)
  • Encountered/Caught Geodude (Pokemon Silver)
  • Encountered/Caught Geodude (Pokemon Ruby)
  • Encountered/Caught Geodude (Pokemon Diamond)
  • Encountered/Caught Pupitar (FireRed)
  • Received Charmander (Pokemon Gold)
  • Received Beldum (PokeMon Emerald)
  • Received Charmander (Pokemon FireRed)
  • Hatched Riolu (PokeMon Diamond)
  • Caught Nosepass (Pokemon Pearl)
  • Caught Voltorb (Pokemon Sapphire)

On Hand

Hippopotas → Hippowdon
Spr 4d 246 s.pngSpr 4d 247 s.pngSpr 4d 248 s.png
Larvitar → Pupitar → Tyranitar
Spr 4d 374 s.pngSpr 4d 375 s.pngSpr 4d 376 s.png
Beldum→ Metang → Metagross
Gible → Gabite → Garchomp
Spr 4d 227.png
Spr 4d 448 s.png