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| style="color: #068;" | This user has too many '''[[Bulbapedia:Usertags|<span style="color: #036;">usertags</span>]]'''.
| style="color: #068;" | This user has too many '''[[Bulbapedia:Usertags|<span style="color: #036;">usertags</span>]]'''.
== Countdown to my 15th birthday ==
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<countdown id="1" year="2012" month="3" day="27" tz="CEST" tzoffset="+2" />
== My usertags ==
Like stated above a have a lots of them, so i put them on [[User:Branfili/Usertags|a special page]].
Like stated above a have a lots of them, so i put them on [[User:Branfili/Usertags|a special page]].

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60px This user has too many usertags.

Like stated above a have a lots of them, so i put them on a special page.

Greatest Pokémon fan of Croatia

Hi! I’m Branfili.

My first console was GBC, but I didn't play Pokémon until I got NDSL. Currently I have NDSi.

This is my story about becoming one of the greatest Pokémon fan of Croatia. In Croatia long ago there was anime showing on TV. When I was 3 (in 2000.), my favorite TV show were Pokémon (over time I found out that it was Pokémon: Indigo League). Then I forgot about it. Than, in 2002. or 2003., I watched the newest hit: Pokémon: Master Quest. Then again, I forgot about it. Than, in 2004. or 2005., I watched again the newest hit: Pokémon: Advanced. After that, I forgot about it. Then, in June 2007, my mum got me the newest game: Pokémon Pearl Version. First I thought that it was different than my first anime (look up in the text), but when it showed to be related to that, BOOM! My Pokémon heart was born.

  • P.S. I like only anime and games.

Anime and me

In Croatia there is no anime so I watch RTL II on German.

On June 12 2010 I started watching on YouTube, but because of unaviability of episodes on September 2 2010 I transfered to PokemonEpisode.org. I watched around 550 episodes.

  • P.S. Sorry for illegally episodes but I have almost no other options --Branfili Talk My edits 06:10, 1 December 2010 (UTC) :|

My history here

First, I hang on marriland.com. Then, in May 2009 I saw Bulbapedia. It was 10000X better then marriland.com. Then I made my account. From that moment I'm an active user of Bulbapedia, and later, Bulbagarden.