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This user has retired from Bulbapedia. You can still reach me at [email protected] or through Bulbagarden Forums. Happy editing guys!!
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== A little about the boy in Boywonder01 ==
Well, it all started out on September 14, 1988 when a beautiful baby boy was born to 2 lucky parents(are now divorced) in Chicago, Illinois. This young boy has been through many journeys in life including coming out of the closet. Boywonder01 first got into the Pokemon franchise when he was a wee 10 years old. Boywonder01 never collected the cards until he was about 12, but started watching the anime. Boywonder bought his first Pokemon game in 1999. This started a chain reaction that led to Boywonder becoming a long-time fan of the franchise.
== Pokemon Games ==
Boywonder01 has spent over $800 on Pokemon and the Nintendo Company. He has also lost or someone has stolen most of his equipment.
== Trivia ==
*Boywonder01's online and Pokemon game alias is Deno which is basically his name shortened and turned around.
*Is really nice and not an airhead.
*Doesn't like using legendary pokemon.
*His gayness is non-detectable, I don't even think a [[Kadabra]] can tell.
*Is going to school for Nursing.
*Will still love Pokemon when he is 40.

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This user has retired from Bulbapedia. You can still reach me at [email protected] or through Bulbagarden Forums. Happy editing guys!!