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Bluedolphin359 is a fan of Pokémon from Wisconsin. He enjoyed watching his friends games, getting his own game - Pokémon LeafGreen, for Christmas of 2004, along with his Gameboy Advance SP. Progressing through the game, he grew very interested in the series of Pokémon. Over a couple of years, he obtained many more games. He joined Bulbapedia on March 29, 2007.

Pokémon GBA Games


Pokémon Console Games


Pokémon Teams

Almost all of my good Pokémon are in my LeafGreen Game. See below.

Pokémon LeafGreen

My Team

Level/Gender Lvl. 48 Female Lvl. 51 No Gender Lvl. 71 No Gender Lvl. 100 Female Lvl. 100 No Gender Lvl. 77 No Gender
Held Item item item item Amulet Coin Shell Bell item
Ribbons # Ribbons # Ribbons # Ribbons # Ribbons # Ribbon # Ribbons
Ball Master Ball Master Ball Master Ball Poké Ball (none) Ultra Ball Master Ball
Caught Pallet Town Route 4 Navel Rock Pallet Town Terra Cave Cerulean Cave
Nature Bashful Serious Calm Lonley Relaxed Lax
Move 1 Bullet Seed Thunder Recover Hydro Pump Fire Blast Transform
Move 2 Solarbeam Thunderbolt Hydro Pump Water Spout Eruption NA
Move 3 Razor Leaf Strength Ice Beam Sheer Cold Fissure NA
Move 4 Giga Drain Spark Iron Tail Thunder Solarbeam NA

Pokémon Cards



I support the following ships:




Thank you to FrozenPandaMan for helping me make this profile!