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Hi guys! I'm Emmanuel Vherg, better know in the world of e-net as Blizzard, in form of respect to the most powerfull Ice atack (Ice Pokes rocks!) and i have 19 years old (some people says too old for Pokémon, jajaja). Well, i will cooperate the most as i can in the Bulbapedia, like making bios of characters not significants or others cool infos, so sorry if my ortography is not the best, but u have to understand, i'm from Chileeeeeeee (:P) so my english is not soooo advanced :)

... Besides of Pokémon i like Harry Potter, Nip/Tuck, Lost and Ameeeerican Idol (great fan), and i have the McPheever ! xDDD (only for those who watch Idol), more info of me is in the right side of this page (YES, i'm from Team Rocket, so don't mess with me or with Jessie (the sexiest girl in the worl of anime)) ... Thanks for reading!