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I like to talk! So if you want to talk with me, or just want to say something to me, don't hesistate and go here!

Feel free to check my page!

Hi there! I am Blazingfist!. My username comes from the move Fire Punch, but also refers a bit to my absolute favorite Pokémon, Blaziken. My real name is Thomas and I live in The Netherlands. I am 18 years old. My username may suggest that I am a violent person, but I'm not like that at all. I am a huge fan of the anime but I also love the games very much and always buy the new games when they come out. Check my current B2W2 team below.

So, me and Pokémon... Yeah, I got a lot to tell about this. I hope you are interested enough to read it. So were do I begin? The first time I came into contact with Pokémon was through the anime. The very first episode I ever saw was The Bridge Bike Gang when I was six or seven years old or so. From then on I watched Pokémon every morning in the weekends and saw most of the Original series. Around the time of the Advanced Generation series I didn't watch the series anymore, mostly because it wasn't on tv that much anymore where I live. When Best Wishes started, I started watching the series extensively again and I've seen every Best Wishes episode so far (on the internet). My favorite movie? Spell of the Unown no doubt.

Even though I followed the series from very early on, I started playing the games later. I never had a Game Boy, which really frustrated me. On my tenth birthday, I got a GameCube and I bought Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness after that. It was my very first Pokémon game and I loved it to death. I still play it at times. Some time later, I bought a Nintendo DS Lite with Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team. After that, I bought Diamond, Platinum, HeartGold, Black and Black 2. And I also bought an old Ruby cartridge. Recently, I obtained a copy of Pokémon Colosseum, which I always wanted to try out after playing XD. Colosseum is very cool, harder than XD, but to me XD is still better.

I think nicknaming Pokémon is meh... although i do respect people who choose to nickname them (and that's almost everyone who plays the Pokémon games, isn't it?). I've become more serious about battling in the games starting from Black 2. Before, I just liked to teach the moves I liked or I thought were cool on a Pokémon. Nowadays, I really pick strategies for Pokémon, and it's more fun. I'm able to win much more in the Battle Subway, and the Pokémon World Tournament (I've beaten the Champions tournament many times).

I have good memories of the TCG. I never played the game itself, but I always traded the cards at school with friends. I still have a book full of old TCG cards, some rare cards, even.

I have been active on Bulbapedia before, under the name Tomazzo, but I was a lot younger then and I didn't really know what I was doing. I did create some articles that are still here, however. I can help Bulbapedia with everything that has to do with Pokémon and the Netherlands, and I can help with anything that has to do with the anime.

I love Nintendo! Pokémon is my favorite series, but I also love the Mario series, and The Legend of Zelda. I also love Sonic the Hedgehog. My favorite game ever is Super Mario Sunshine. I absolutely hate First-person shooter games. As mentioned above, I own a Nintendo DS Lite, but I also own a Wii and an old Xbox (not the 360, the old one!) with an enormous amount of games.

My favorite Pokémon site is

More about me soon...(Oh yeah, if you want to see my teams below and click Show, you have to scroll down (gonna make a serperate page for my teams someday...))


Concerning legandaries...

I tend to catch every legendary there is in a game. I rarely use the Master Ball, only when it is really needed, because it can be quite fun and exciting to catch a legendary just with normal Poké Balls. All legendaries you see beneath are legally caught, some are double, which is because I sent a lot of legendaries over to Platinum.

144 145 146 377 378 379 381 381 383 383 383 384 384 480 480 481 481 482 482 483 483 484 485 485 486 486 487 487O 488 488 489 490 491 492 493

144 145 146 150 243 244 245 249 250 380 382 383 383 384

638 639 640 641 643 646

Black 2
377 381 480 481 482 485 488ShinyVStar.png 638 639 640 (644/646) 646B


Concerning shinies...

- Vileplume I caught as an Oddish in the Hoenn Safari Zone on my Ruby cartridge. I sent it over to Platinum using Pal Park.

- One of the Gyaradoses is hacked with Action Replay, and part of my Diamond team.

- The other Gyarados is the legally caught Red Gyarados from HeartGold.

- Dragonite was also hacked with Action Replay and part of my Diamond team.

- Tangrowth was caught as a Tangela near Mt. Silver in HeartGold.

- I was extremely lucky with Cresselia. It was shiny the first time I encountered it in Black 2. Luckily I had a Master Ball.

- Gible I got by defeating Benga in the Black Tower challenge. I trained it to Garchomp, but Garchomp's shiny sprite is seriously disappointing (I should have known). Maybe I should've kept it as a Gible, but then again, Garchomp is awesome, so I don't mind.

Spr 5b 045 m s.png Spr 5b 130 f s.png Spr 5b 130 m s.png Spr 5b 149 s.png Spr 5b 465 f s.png Spr 5b 488 s.png Spr 5b 445 m s.png


Colosseum Team
My Colosseum team is different from my other teams. It contains a Raikou, a legendary, which I don't usually train, but Raikou looks cool and is strong so why not? Also some of the team members have status moves which is unusual for me because I'm usually more into attacking and stuff. This team is not complete though. I'm still modifying it.

XD: Gale of Darkness Team
I had a much stronger team once, with a lvl. 100 Zangoose and Houndoom but acidentally deleted the safe file...

Diamond Team
WARNING! I hacked this team with Action Replay when I was younger. Do not take this team too seriously...

Platinum Team

HeartGold Team

Black Team A

Black Team B