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New Section

This is my Sandbox where I shall test things and mess around with templates that I might possibly use in the future. If this is not allowed, feel free to delete this page.

TTEchidna's talk page box


Main Page

Coming soon...

Bother a Random Admin

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Watch this...

{{msgnw:DL}}→[[{{{1}}}#{{ucfirst:{{{2}}}}}|{{{3|{{{2}}}}}}]]<noinclude>[[Category:Link templates]]</noinclude>


This user used to study these, untill the user met one of these.
en This usel is a native speakel of Engrish.

I just realized something!

[[Pikachu (Pokémon)|]]→Pikachu

The {{p}} template saves only 9 characters and they both lead to the same place! Fascinating, isn't it?

Is this a Shiny Pokémon?

Spr 4p 130 m.png

Random Shiny

049 s.png #049