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Potential pages:

None at the moment.


Spr DP Collector.png This user has too many usertags.
Gender Female
Hometown Nimbasa City
Region Unova
Trainer class Trainer/Breeder

Why, hello there! Welcome to my page. I hope you enjoy your time here.

Feel free to browse, but unless if I say otherwise, don't touch that "edit" button, please.

How I got into Pokémon

My love for the franchise stemmed from my younger brother who played Red, Ruby, and Pearl versions. I doubt he has those anymore. He also watched the original anime and the first movie (we had a VHS of it back then). First Pokémon game I played was Pokémon Pinball, which we shared. Though I wasn't too hooked at the time, I enjoyed it. I really got into Pokémon after watching a few movies (Heroes, Lucario, and Giratina movies are my favorite). My first actual game was Pokémon Black (yeah, lol, took me that long). I also watch anime shows on the pokémon.com website on occasion.

Firsts and other moments from Black

Trust me, she never saw this coming...


Some WTFs

Like any Pokémon player, I had my share in facepalm moments:

  • the time Cheren was one tackle away from defeating me in our first battle, yet he kept commanding his Snivy to use Leer, giving me the win...

Some favorite memories

  • Destroying the Mistralton gym with my Zebstrika in Black 1, who was holding a magnet. No trips to the center necessary, and no healing items were really needed. Yes, she was that good. I still have her today.
  • Catching both Cobalion and Virizion with one ball each. Put them to sleep, weakened them, and used Dusk Ball on the former and Ultra Ball on the latter. Other legendaries were rather tough, as expected.
    • They weren't so easy to catch in Black 2, though. However, I did manage to get Latios with one ball... Didn't have access to sleep-inducing moves then, so resorted to paralysis, then got him with an Ultra Ball after weakening him a bit.

Some firsts

  • First Pokémon I ever bred was a Cleffa with Covet. Chose a male Skitty as the father.
    • Decided to offer a Nidoking (who was a Dream world Nidoran♂ when I got him) who wasn't really cutting it for me, and asked for a male Skitty. The trade was done, but funny thing is, that's how I got my first official Shiny. Yep, that's right, the Skitty I got was Shiny! He's evolved now, and is a Delcatty.
  • First breeding project involving IVs was a Munna with a perfect 31 in Special Attack. Lucky for me, my Lucario had that, so I passed it down with the help of the Power Lens. The resulting child is now a very resilient Musharna.
  • My first level 100 overall was an Altaria. She was a rather fast leveler, and she did well in battle.
  • My first bred Pokémon to reach 100 was my Volcarona, who was bred to know Morning Sun. After acquiring a male Beautifly from GTS Negotiations, I trained that move on him before I passed that down.
  • First Shiny that I encountered normally was a Piloswine from Giant Chasm. She's a Mamoswine now. A few weeks after, I found my second: a Shiny Mienfoo on Route 14, who's now a Mienshao. No hacking was involved.

What I do here

To be honest, when I signed up, I did not have any focus in particular. I normally help out wherever possible, from rummaging to look for needed pics, to correcting errors here and there. I wasn't intending on a main focus, but over time, I ended up looking after this page since no one else seemed to be updating it. Any help would be great!

Other major contributions include Décor (which I ended up splitting some content into separate pages after some templates failed to show properly!), a few Gen VI Abilities, and movie synopses, particularly a film that aired recently.

My to-do list

Pages I helped create

I created those two when the Décor article got excessively large.

I also started these Ability pages for three Abilities introduced in Generation VI so far.

Name origin

I know, Berrenta is a rather odd name, but I have a lot of history behind it. Its origins date back to my first days of Anarchy Online years ago. I was stuck trying to think of a name for my character, an adventurer, so I hit "Suggest Name" until I saw a name that hit me. The name "Berrento" came up and even though I like it, it's a tad too masculine for my taste. So I swapped a letter, and voila. Too bad I am planning to bid farewell to that game after playing it for 10 years. Oh well. It's been fun.

Black 2 team

Here's my Black 2 main team at the moment. Levels are not displayed.

I am also training other Pokémon, some following various themes in terms of names. Before, my Pokémon list (linked at the side) was for Black 1. Now, I will soon incorporate the ones I have from Black 2 there, as some of my Black 1 'mons were traded over to Black 2.