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Axcel Rhode
サトシ '
Age 17 (as of debut)
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Hometown Goldenrod City
Region Johto
Relatives Yougan Rhode (Father, Deceased)

Furai Rhode (Mother, Deceased)

Michi Yurasu (GodFather, Deceased)

Trainer class Trainer

The Ficional History:

Axcel Rhode is a pokemon trainer from Goldenrod City in the Johto region. He started his journey when he was 10 years old and when he went to Professor Elm's Lab, Elm told him that he was alittle to late. So he went home and his father gave him a pokeball; inside contained a Riolu. Though he has a pokeball, Axcel tends to let it walk beside him. When he left his house, he encountered a wild Machop. This made him excited. He sent out his Riolu and the Machop battled him. After a firece battle: Axcel threw a pokeball and caught the Machop. After that battle: he allowed his Riolu to stay out of his pokeball. As he continue his journey, he spotted a Vibrava. He sent out Machop and they battled. Since the leviation ability, it made it real hard for Machop to land a blow to him, since he can fly. This angered Axcel and he threw a Great Ball and he caught it. Now at the age of 17, he is traveling solo and not with a group. He doesn't collect badges, but he does enjoy battling the gym leaders. And now he has a fully evolved Machop into a Machamp and a Flygon and a Lucario. His mother and father both died during the Fifth Great Pokemon War (1998 - 2009) and his Godfather mysteriously died.

Pokemon on hand

Spr_4p_447.pngSpr_4d_448.png (First Pokemon, Level 79)

Spr_3e_066.gifSpr_3e_067.gifSpr_3e_068.gif (Second Pokemon, Level 67)

Spr_3e_329.gifSpr_3e_330.gif (Third Pokemon, Level 69)

280.png281.pngSpr_4p_475.png (Fourth Pokemon, Level 67)

Stuff About Me

My name is Axcel Rhode(Nicholas Marshall) and I was born on March 13, 1993. I like Pokemon, secretly(I dont watch the series). My favorite Pkmn is Blaziken. And thats all Im telling you

Fanfiction Series

I'm gonna start a fanfiction series titled Pokemon: The Rhode to Victory.