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Character Information

"The Shiny Pokémon Breeder!"
Ada AG184.png
as a young girl with her first bred Pokémon
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Brown
Hometown Solaceon Town
Region Sinnoh
Relatives none
Trainer class Breeder
Generation IV
Games Pearl, Platinum, Black

Emma is a Pokémon Breeder who specializes in breeding for shininess using the Masuda Method. She frequents both the GTS and the Daycare. She loves to get Pokémon in non-English languages in the GTS, but strongly dislikes getting hacked Pokémon, and will not let a obviously hacked Pokémon in her party. She plays at a slow pace, but enjoys herself. She likes to have a very healthy variety of Pokémon in her party, except when she's hatching eggs of course! Her favorite species of Pokémon are Vulpix, Growlithe and Eevee, as well as all the Eeveelutions. Her favorite Pokémon that she currently owns are her shiny Luxray and her Vulpix-one shiny and one normal. Jinx, her Luxray, is her pride and joy which she caught at level 3 in the wild at the start of her journey. Luxray is also always in her party, and is the one Pokémon she keeps when she is hatching eggs. Her starter has always been the water starter, except in Black, where she plays very rarely since breeding is not yet available for her. Emma also has a large number of female Pokémon, but she doesn't care about gender. She likes to battle sometimes, but only if the trainer challenging has Pokémon of similar levels as hers. Her Friend Code is 5458 0657 6065 and she lives in the United States of America.



Platinum-lost game will add when I find it

Black-will add when I play it actively

Other mainseries games-whenever I play them actively

Misc Info

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