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'''G-Max Stonesurge''' Japanese: '''キョダイガンジン''' ''{{tt|Kyodai|G-Max}} $1''
'''G-Max Stonesurge''' Japanese: '''キョダイガンジン''' ''{{tt|Kyodai|G-Max}} Rock Formation''
{{Langtable|color={{water color}}|bordercolor={{water color dark}}
{{Langtable|color={{water color}}|bordercolor={{water color dark}}
|zh_yue=超極巨岩陣以待 ''{{tt|Chīu Gihkgeuih $1|G-Max $1}}''
|zh_yue=超極巨岩陣以待 ''{{tt|Chīu Gihkgeuih Ngàahmjahn Yíh Doih|G-Max Rock-Solid Formation}}''
|zh_cmn=超極巨岩陣以待 / 超极巨岩阵以待 ''{{tt|Chāo Jíjù|G-Max $1}}''
|zh_cmn=超極巨岩陣以待 / 超极巨岩阵以待 ''{{tt|Chāo Jíjù Yánzhèn Yǐ Dài|G-Max Rock-Solid Formation}}''
|fr=Récif G-Max
|fr=Récif G-Max
|ko=거다이암진 ''{{tt|Geodai Amjin|G-Max Rock Formation}}''
|ru=Каменный Импульс G-Макс ''Kamennyy Impul's G-Maks''
|ru=Каменный Импульс G-Макс ''Kamennyy Impul's G-Maks''
|es=Gigatrampa Rocas
|es=Gigatrampa Rocas
'''G-Max Wind Rage''' Japanese: '''キョダイフウゲキ''' ''{{tt|Kyodai|G-Max}} $1''
'''G-Max Wind Rage''' Japanese: '''キョダイフウゲキ''' ''{{tt|Kyodai|G-Max}} Wind Strike''
{{Langtable|color={{fighting color}}|bordercolor={{fighting color dark}}
{{Langtable|color={{fighting color}}|bordercolor={{fighting color dark}}
|zh_yue=超極巨旋風襲捲 ''{{tt|Chīu Gihkgeuih $1|G-Max $1}}''
|zh_yue=超極巨旋風襲捲 ''{{tt|Chīu Gihkgeuih Syùhnfūng Jaahpgyún|G-Max Tornado Windblast}}''
|zh_cmn=超極巨旋風襲捲 / 超极巨旋风袭卷 ''{{tt|Chāo Jíjù $1|G-Max $1}}''
|zh_cmn=超極巨旋風襲捲 / 超极巨旋风袭卷 ''{{tt|Chāo Jíjù Xuànfēng Xíjuǎn|G-Max Tornado Windblast}}''
|fr=Rafale G-Max
|fr=Rafale G-Max
|ko=거다이풍격 ''{{tt|Geodai Punggyeok|G-Max Wind Strike}}''
|ru=Ярость Ветра G-Макс ''Yarost' Vetra G-Maks''
|ru=Ярость Ветра G-Макс ''Yarost' Vetra G-Maks''
'''G-Max Finale''' Japanese: '''キョダイダンエン''' ''{{tt|Kyodai|G-Max}} $1''
'''G-Max Finale''' Japanese: '''キョダイダンエン''' ''{{tt|Kyodai|G-Max}} Finale''
{{Langtable|color={{fairy color}}|bordercolor={{fairy color dark}}
{{Langtable|color={{fairy color}}|bordercolor={{fairy color dark}}
|zh_yue=超極巨幸福圓滿 ''{{tt|Chīu Gihkgeuih $1|G-Max $1}}''
|zh_yue=超極巨幸福圓滿 ''{{tt|Chīu Gihkgeuih Hahngfūk Yùhnmúhn|G-Max Grand Conclusion}}''
|zh_cmn=超極巨幸福圓滿 / 超极巨幸福圆满 ''{{tt|Chāo Jíjù $1|G-Max $1}}''
|zh_cmn=超極巨幸福圓滿 / 超极巨幸福圆满 ''{{tt|Chāo Jíjù Xìngfú Yuánmǎn|G-Max Grand Conclusion}}''
|fr=Cure G-Max
|fr=Cure G-Max
|ko=거다이단원 ''{{tt|Geodai Punggyeok|G-Max Finale}}''
|ru=Финал G-Макс ''Final G-Maks''
|ru=Финал G-Макс ''Final G-Maks''

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Hi, I'm abcboy and I'm the Head of Anime on Bulbapedia's Editorial Board as well as one of the Deputy Discord Administrators over on the Bulbagarden Discord. I first joined Bulbapedia all the way back in July 2008, and joined the staff as a Junior Admin in April 2015. I was later promoted to a full Admin in January 2016 and became a member of the Editorial Board in May 2018. I'm also a Bureaucrat on Bulbanews and help with some of Bulbagarden's social media presence such as BulbaNewsNOW and Bulbacast.

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Editing tips

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Things to do

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  • Add Fiore area highlighted maps
  • Figure out where to put names for unobtainable items in other languages
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  • Finish giving most items pages
    • Berry page overhaul: Split up humongous infobox
  • Change anime/manga dex entry template on Pokémon pages (pending)
  • Add Puzzle Challenge, PBR(?), Blazing/Stormy/Light, Typing Adventure Pokémon locations
  • Add in other languages sections to PBR Trainer classes
  • Fix all the userboxes to have {{roundy|30px}} instead of {{roundy|60px}}
  • Figure out a name for a category of TCG cards that were specifically banned (Lysandre's Tump Card, Birthday Pikachu, Sneasel, but not rotated-out sets)

Recurring tasks:

iTunes names

Names revealed through summaries on iTunes. Do not add until the relevant dub episodes air.

  • None at the moment

In other languages

Sword and Shield

Galar Taxi (Japanese: ガラル交通 Galar Transport)

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 伽勒爾車隊 Gālahkyíh Chēdéui
Mandarin 伽勒爾車隊 / 伽勒尔车队 Jiālè'ěr Chēduì
France Flag.png French Taxis Galar
Germany Flag.png German Galar-Taxi
Italy Flag.png Italian Galar Trasporti
South Korea Flag.png Korean 가라르교통 Galar Gyotong
Russia Flag.png Russian Такси Галар Taksi Galar
Spain Flag.png Spanish Aerotaxis Galar

Pokémon Den (Japanese: ポケモンの巣 Pokémon Den)

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 寶可夢巢穴 Pokémon Chàauhyuht
Mandarin 寶可夢巢穴 / 宝可梦巢穴 Pokémon Cháoxuè / Pokémon Cháoxué
France Flag.png French Antre de Pokémon
Germany Flag.png German Pokémon-Nester
Italy Flag.png Italian Tane di Pokémon
South Korea Flag.png Korean 포켓몬굴 Pokémon Gul
Spain Flag.png Spanish Nido Pokémon

Watchtower Ruins (Japanese: みはりとうあとち Watchtower Ruins)

Language Title
France Flag.png French Tour en ruines
Germany Flag.png German Wachturmruine
Italy Flag.png Italian Torre Diroccata
South Korea Flag.png Korean 감시탑 유적지 Gamsitap Yujeokji
Spain Flag.png Spanish Antigua Atalaya

Max Guard (Japanese: ダイウォール Dai Wall)

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 極巨防壁 Gihkgeuih Fòhngbīk
Mandarin 極巨防壁 / 极巨防壁 Jíjù Fángbì
France Flag.png French Gardomax
Germany Flag.png German Dyna-Wall
Italy Flag.png Italian Dynabarriera
South Korea Flag.png Korean 다이월 Dai Wall
Spain Flag.png Spanish Maxibarrera

Max Knuckle (Japanese: ダイナックル Dai Knuckle)

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 極巨拳斗Gihkgeuih Kyùhndau
Mandarin 極巨拳斗 / 极巨拳斗 Jíjù Quándòu
France Flag.png French Pugilomax
Germany Flag.png German Dyna-Faust
Italy Flag.png Italian Dynapugno
South Korea Flag.png Korean 다이너클 Dai Knuckle
Spain Flag.png Spanish Maxipuño

Max Overgrowth (Japanese: ダイソウゲン Dai Grassland)

Language Title
France Flag.png French Phytomax
Germany Flag.png German Dyna-Flora
Italy Flag.png Italian Dynaflora
South Korea Flag.png Korean 다이그래스 Dai Grass
Spain Flag.png Spanish Maxiflora

Max Lightning (Japanese: ダイサンダー Dai Thunder)

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 極巨閃電 Gihkgeuih Símdihn
Mandarin 極巨閃電 / 极巨闪电 Jíjù Shǎndiàn
France Flag.png French Fulguromax
Germany Flag.png German Dyna-Gewitter
Italy Flag.png Italian Dynasaetta
South Korea Flag.png Korean 다이썬더 Dai Thunder
Spain Flag.png Spanish Maxitormenta

G-Max Stonesurge Japanese: キョダイガンジン Kyodai Rock Formation

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 超極巨岩陣以待 Chīu Gihkgeuih Ngàahmjahn Yíh Doih
Mandarin 超極巨岩陣以待 / 超极巨岩阵以待 Chāo Jíjù Yánzhèn Yǐ Dài
France Flag.png French Récif G-Max
Germany Flag.png German Giga-Geröll
Italy Flag.png Italian Gigarocciagetto
South Korea Flag.png Korean 거다이암진 Geodai Amjin
Russia Flag.png Russian Каменный Импульс G-Макс Kamennyy Impul's G-Maks
Spain Flag.png Spanish Gigatrampa Rocas

G-Max Wind Rage Japanese: キョダイフウゲキ Kyodai Wind Strike

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 超極巨旋風襲捲 Chīu Gihkgeuih Syùhnfūng Jaahpgyún
Mandarin 超極巨旋風襲捲 / 超极巨旋风袭卷 Chāo Jíjù Xuànfēng Xíjuǎn
France Flag.png French Rafale G-Max
Germany Flag.png German Giga-Sturmstoß
Italy Flag.png Italian Gigaciclone
South Korea Flag.png Korean 거다이풍격 Geodai Punggyeok
Russia Flag.png Russian Ярость Ветра G-Макс Yarost' Vetra G-Maks
Spain Flag.png Spanish Gigahuracán

G-Max Finale Japanese: キョダイダンエン Kyodai Finale

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 超極巨幸福圓滿 Chīu Gihkgeuih Hahngfūk Yùhnmúhn
Mandarin 超極巨幸福圓滿 / 超极巨幸福圆满 Chāo Jíjù Xìngfú Yuánmǎn
France Flag.png French Cure G-Max
Germany Flag.png German Giga-Lichtblick
Italy Flag.png Italian Gigagranfinale
South Korea Flag.png Korean 거다이단원 Geodai Punggyeok
Russia Flag.png Russian Финал G-Макс Final G-Maks
Spain Flag.png Spanish Gigacolofón


Raizoh Cozmo

Language Name Origin
Japanese ソライシ・ライゾウ Raizō Soraishi
English Raizoh Cozmo Same as Japanese name
French Marius Kosmo
German Kornelius Kosmo
Italian Orazio Cosmi
Spanish Dédalo Cozmo From Dédalo (Daedalus, father of Icarus)
Korean 공석 공운 Gongseok Gong-un

Pokémon Duel

English Japanese Origin
Jewel Tower ジュエルタワー Jewel Tower
Luca ルカ Luca
Sharon シャロン Sharon
Yuji ユージ Yūji
Nadya ナジャ Nadya
Joe ジョー Joe
Brenda ブレンダ Brenda
Don Roger ドン・ロジャー Don Roger From don
Master Rosé マスター・ロゼ Master Rosé
Carlo カルロ Carlo From Monte Carlo
Tia ティア Tia
Marabelle (story)
Maribelle (Messages)
マリベル Maribelle
Roger family ロジャーファミリー Roger family
Another アナザー Another From another
Number 7 (story)
NO7 (Messages)
NO7 NO7 From 7, a common lucky number
Gemini ジェミニ Gemini From gemini, Latin for twins
R&T Corporation R&Tコーポレーション R&T Corporation
La Galleria Luna ガレリア・ルーナ Galleria Luna Italian for "moon gallery"
Blue Planet ブループラネット Blue Planet From blue planet, describing Earth
S.S. Carmonte Carnival カーニバル・カルモンテ号 Carnival Carmonte
Karolin キャロル Karol


Language Title


Language Name Origin
Japanese Kana Romaji
Chinese (Mandarin) Hanzi Pinyin
Chinese (Cantonese) Hanzi Yale

Countdown documentation

Countdowns have five important and necessary parts:

  • <div id="countdown" style="display: none"> [...] </div>: This is the countdown container. Other styles and classes can be applied. When the code activates, the countdown container is unhidden.
  • <div id="countdown-big"></div>: This displays the days and is kept inside the countdown container. Styles and classes can be applied. If the event takes place within 24 hours, this is empty. If the date at the time zone mentioned matches the date coded, this displays "Today". If the event has passed, this displays "Past" instead.
  • <div id="countdown-small"></div>: This displays the hours, minutes, and seconds and is kept inside the countdown container. Styles and classes can be applied.
  • <div id="countdown-target"></div>: This displays the date that is being counted down to and the timezone of the date. It is kept inside the countdown container. Styles and classes can be applied.
  • <countdown />: This sets the date and time zone to which it should count down. Parameters:
    • year: The year of the date to which it should count down to.
    • month: The month of the date to which it should count down to.
    • day: The day of the date to which it should count down to.
    • tz: The timezone it should count down in (e.g. EST, EDT, PST, JST). If a switch in daylight savings time status occurs during the countdown, it should be set to the status at the end of the countdown. Additional text may be added to this parameter.
    • tzoffset: The timezone offset it should count down in (e.g. -5, -4, +8). If a switch in daylight savings time status occurs during the countdown, it should be set to the status at the end of the countdown.

Only one countdown can be used per page as necessary functionality requires that each countdown has these IDs.

If the date to which it should count down requires the use of parser functions or other wikicode, the {{#tag:}} parser function should be used.

Internally, countdowns are operated throughout the parsing of the <countdown /> element by the MediaWiki software and the JavaScript contained in MediaWiki:Common.js

For example, the following countdown will count down to the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon in Japan, and if that has occurred, January 1 of next year in New York time:


<div id="countdown" class="roundy" style="font-family: 'Trebuchet MS', sans-serif; font-size: 150%; text-align: center; padding: 0.5em; display: none; background:#{{gold color}};">
<div id="countdown-big" style="line-height: 100%; font-size: 250%; color:#000;"></div>
<div id="countdown-small" style="line-height: 120%; color:#000;"></div>
<div id="countdown-target" style="font-size: smaller; line-height: 120%; color:#000;"></div>
{{#ifexpr: {{#time: U |+9 hours}} < 1479445200|<div style="font-size: smaller; line-height: 120%; color:#000;">release of [[Pokémon Sun and Moon]] in Japan!</div>}}
{{#ifexpr: {{#time: U |+9 hours}} < 1479445200
|{{#tag: countdown||year=2016|month=11|day=18|tz=JST (UTC +9) and the|tzoffset=+9}}
|{{#tag: countdown||year={{#expr: {{#time: Y |-29 hours}} + 1}}|month=1|day=1|tz=EST (UTC -5)|tzoffset=-5}}

Required for navigation tests





Things to put somewhere

Anime special terminology

特別編 special episode
Refers to certain special episodes that aired during the anime's normal timeslot during a series.
SS024, SS025, SS028, and the Mega Evolution Specials (SS029, SS031, SS032, SS035)
スペシャル special
Refers to any hour or longer specials that air during the anime's normal timeslot. It also refers to the three specials that aired at the end/beginning of the year and the two hour-long specials that aired on the Weekly Pokémon Broadcasting Station.
Main series anime specials, clip shows, Slowking's Day, Mewtwo Returns, The Legend of Thunder!
オリジナルアニメ original animation
Refers to episodes that generally take place outside of the main anime continuity.
The Pokémon Mystery Dungeon episodes (SS019, SS020, SS021), Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs (SS022, SS023), the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Animated Shorts, SS026, Pokémon Origins, SS030
特別アニメ special animation
Refers to certain special episodes.
The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon, the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon episodes (SS019, SS020, SS021), the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Animated Shorts
番外編 extra episode
Refers to certain special episodes that aired during the anime's normal timeslot between series.
同時上映 simultaneous screening
Refers to the shorts that air with Pokémon movies in Japan.
オリジナルストーリー original story
Refers to the episodes that took place prior to the corresponding movie that aired on television in Japan.
サイドストーリー side story
Refers to the half-hour episodes that aired on the Weekly Pokémon Broadcasting station and the Mega Evolution Specials
SS001 - SS018 and the Mega Evolution Specials (SS029, SS031, SS032, SS035)
テレビ放送新作アニメ television broadcast new animation, 完全新作アニメ completely new animation
Refers to the episodes that took place prior to the corresponding movie that aired on television in Japan.
SS026, SS030
スピンオフアニメ spin-off animation
Refers to certain shorts.
ショートアニメ short animation
Refers to certain shorts.
Hoopa's Surprise Ring Adventures

Pokédex entry recycling

Game Region of introduction
Kanto Johto Hoenn Sinnoh Unova Kalos Alola
R RS* R* RS* R* R
S S* S* S
E RS* E* RS* E* E
D DP* D* DP* D* DP* D* DP* D*
P P* P* P* P*
Pt DP* Pt* DP* Pt* DP* Pt* Pt
B Pt Pt Pt Pt B
B2 Pt* B2W2* Pt* B2W2* Pt* B2W2* Pt* B2W2* B2W2
X * * * * * X
Y * * * * * Y
OR R R R* OR* X X X* OR*
AS S S S* AS* Y Y Y* AS*
S S* S* S* S* S* S* S
M M* M* M* M* M* M* M
P Y* PE* PE*

I Will Be With You

Official Japanese translation from the movie credits:

さようなら 私は行きます
わかっています あなたは私のためにいるのではないと
前に向かって進んでね 私も強い心で生きていく=

さようなら 僕は行きます
わかっています この先も君を想い続けることは
けれど前に向かって進んで 僕も強い心で生きていく

君がどこへ行こうと 僕の心はそばに寄り添っている
だから 君は決してひとりじゃない

声もなく 泣いている