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This is a list of annoyannces that occur in the Generation V main series Pokémon games. Although an annoyance is not a glitch, some people consider it as one as it can have the same effects as a minor glitch. This article covers both annoyances and minor glitches.

In Pokémon Black and White

Bike speed "glitch"

When the player presses or holds B down while near the Bikers on Route 9 or Cyclists on Route 16, they will move faster. This is programmed so that users cannot run past them when they're far away or not looking.

Bridge biking music

When the player bikes over a bridge, the music will not change to the bike theme. This is because bridges are fairly long, and people would almost always bike over them, meaning they wouldn't get to hear the bridge's theme.

Celestial Tower "glitch"

When the B button is pressed on the 3rd and 4th floors of the Celestial Tower the NPCs will change directions, with the exception of the Nurse on the 3rd floor. This allows players to avoid all of the trainers on these floors.

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Global Terminal healing

When a player goes to the Global Terminal, the party Pokémon will be healed. This is so that no player has a weak Pokémon that gives the opponent an advantage (who wants to fight with a level 1 poisoned Magikarp with 1 HP left?). Pokémon are also healed when in the PC.

Wellspring Cave "glitch"

When the B button is pressed on the 1st Basement floor of the Wellspring Cave the NPC's will start moving at different speeds depending on the trainer. With some difficulty, this allows players to avoid all of the trainers on the floor.

In Pokémon Black and White 2

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