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{{:User:Theryguy512/Mission/Protect the Smoochum/Attack/Sound/Found/Prize}}
{{:User:Theryguy512/Mission/Protect the Smoochum/Attack/Sound/Found/Prize}}
== My Team ==
This is the current team I'm using in the US version of Pokémon Diamond
{|border="1" width=800px cellspacing="5"
| align=center rowspan="4" | [[Palkia(Pokémon)|Palkia]]
| align=center rowspan="4" | [[Level]] 58
| align=center rowspan="4" | [[Spear Pillar]]<br>([[Captured Pokémon|Caught]] at level 47)
| align=center rowspan="4" | Lustrous Orb
| align=center rowspan="4" | {{a|Pressure}}
| align=center | {{m|Flamethrower}}
| align=center | {{m|Water Pulse}}
| align=center | {{m|Spacial Rend}}
| align=center | {{m|Thunderbolt}}
| align=center rowspan="4" | [[Lucario (Pokémon)|Lucario]]
| align=center rowspan="4" | [[Level]] 62
| align=center rowspan="4" | [[GTS]]<br>([[Traded Pokémon|Traded]] at level 41)
| align=center rowspan="4" | {{a|Steadfast}}
| align=center | {{m|Aura Sphere}}
| align=center | {{m|Flash Cannon}}
| align=center | {{m|Water Pulse}}
| align=center | {{m|Metal Sound}}
| align=center rowspan="4" | [[Image:395.png]]<br>[[Image:PokeBallSpriteSmall.png]] [[Empoleon (Pokémon)|Empoleon]]
| align=center rowspan="4" | [[Level]] 63
| align=center rowspan="4" | [[Verity Lake]]<br>([[Professor Rowan|Received]] at level 5)
| align=center rowspan="4" | None
| align=center rowspan="4" | {{a|Torrent}}
| align=center | {{m|Ice Beam}}
| align=center | {{m|Hydro Pump}}
| align=center | {{m|Hydro Cannon}}
| align=center | {{m|Flash Cannon}}
| align=center rowspan="4" | [[Image:407.png]]<br>[[Image:SafariBallSpriteSmall.png]] [[Roserade (Pokémon)|Roserade]]
| align=center rowspan="4" | [[Level]] 50
| align=center rowspan="4" | [[Route 212]]<br>([[Captured Pokémon|Caught]] at level 6)
| align=center rowspan="4" | none
| align=center rowspan="4" | {{a|Natural Cure}}
| align=center | {{m|Petal Dance}}
| align=center | {{m|Synthesis}}
| align=center | {{m|Sludge Bomb}}
| align=center | {{m|Toxic}}
More Updates Later

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