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超龍 Chāolóng
Zekrom BW1 artwork.jpg
Age 鈣のAN
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Hometown One of the capitals
Region Asia

Good day. I am Chao (超龍), one of the current administrator of Bulbapedia. Like most of you who signed up, I'm also just an average fan of Pokémon. After discovering Bulbapedia a few years back and lurking it for some time, I finally joined on April 28, 2010 to fix a minor spelling one mistake. After two years of editing, I was promoted to Junior Administrator on June 2012 and subsequently to Administrator on December 2012.

Where I'm from?

Go figure, but looks can be deceiving. The answer lies in the staff page.

Why I'm not around as much?

Of course I am, I'm just lurking around. Other than that, I have to deal with academic work and another wiki*.

How to Contact me

  • For the quickest response, go to my talk page
  • If you want to chat or PM me, I'm also at the forum
  • When none of the stuff applies, try e-mail (Expect response to be delayed)


Name Origin

Language Name Name Origin
Chinese 神奇超龍 Shénqí Chāolóng
超龍 Chāolóng
From 神奇寶貝 Shénqí Bǎobèi, chāo, and lóng
Japanese 神奇超龍
Same as Chinese name.
English Chaolong
Partial transliteration of Chinese name.

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