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Welcome to my Userspace!

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About Me

I'm fairly new to the Pokémon community. I received my first Pokémon game, Pokémon Pearl, in August 2007, and started using Bulbapedia as a reference soon after. After using Bulbapedia for almost two years, I finally made an account, and have over 850 Mainspace edits and over 550 user -talk and talk space edits. In mid November, I discovered the Bulbagarden forums, and joined over there. From January to July 2010, I spent time off Bulbapedia to spend on the forums. Then, in July 2010, I ended my hiatus and became active once more.

Bulbapedia and Bulbagarden

I've been a member of the Bulbagarden community for over a year. I'm fairly knowledgeable about both the forums and Bulbapedia, so don't feel afraid to ask any questions. I can be contacted at [1] and on my talk page. I also can be reached with AIM, under the screen name GreenBMGf.