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-= XD Wii!!! == Seriusly, who wouldn't want XD for the Wii and compatible with D/P/Pt/HG/SS?

Pokémon: Attack of the Pokébots!

Man, Game Freak needs to make a game where you fight Robots! It will be for Wii and go though the storyline fighting Pokébots! Pokébots are machine Pokémon. They are regular Pokémon but, they can only know Steel type moves and they are Steel. Like an Infernape Bot will know Steel moves and be Steel type. When you defeat all the Silver Controllers (Villionus team that made the Pokébots, were good in the past, populated Silvia with Pokébots for Pokémon. Turned evil when trying to develop their own Pokémon, but started looking for real Pokémon to study their DNA, but real Pokémon are hard to find, so they started kidnapping real Pokémon.) Pokébots cannon evolve in game, but at the end of the game, when you can bring your Pokébots to D/P/Pt/HG/SS. They will have weird movesets in D/P/Pt/HG/SS, but can evolve and get their regular moves.

Starters: Magnimite, Aron, and Bonsly. You will also have a Pikachu Pokébot.

Storyline (So far):

You live in a Pokémon labortary with your Mom and Dad. Your Dad went missing years ago, and your Mom is a Pokémon professer. You walk downstairs and it your birthday! You get a Pikachu bot and a choise between Magnimate, Aron, or Bonsly. Your mom talks about your Dad who missing. She gave your your Pokémon and Pokébot to go search for your Dad. She warns that your real Pokémon will be stolen so she gives your the Pokébot. You talk to your Boy/Girl (Depending which gender your choose) friend. Named Cyrus/Alexas. He/She says that they have a Pokémon you chose that is real Pokébot. You battle and if you win she/he gives you 5 Fold Buttions (Poké Balls for Pokébots.) If you lose, he/she will ask to battle again.