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ウララ Urara
Ursula and her Gabite
Gender Female
Eye color Red
Hair color Strawberry blonde
Hometown Unknown
Region Sinnoh
Trainer class Coordinator
Anime debut Another One Gabites the Dust!
English voice actor Melissa Schoenberg
Japanese voice actor Ayako Kawasumi

Ursula (Japanese: ウララ Urara) is the rival to Dawn who first appeared in Another One Gabites the Dust!. She is voiced by 川澄綾子 Ayako Kawasumi in Japanese and Melissa Schoenberg in English.

She is a Coordinator who entered the Chocovine Contest along with Dawn. Ursula first met Dawn outside the Chocovine Contest Hall after her female Gabite got into a confrontation with Pachirisu after Gabite stepped on Pachirisu's Poffin. Ursula offered the Pokémon one of her Poffins but Pachirisu refused it, making her feel a little insulted.

It was revealed that she had also entered the Wallace Cup but lost in the first round. She said that she had lost many times in the first round, and as such could improve herself to be a better Coordinator and also mentioned that she had won 3 ribbons. She believed Dawn's win in the tournament was a fluke and developed a rivalry with her.

Throughout the Contest, she remained cynical of Dawn's performance. She managed to make it to the finals, along with Dawn, defeating Jessie and Carnivine in the process. She ultimately lost to Dawn, but she thought it was only the time limit that saved her.

She also appears in the latest opening in Japan.

She is set to reappear in DP161 and DP162.


This listing is of Ursula's known Pokémon:

Debut [[]]
Debut [[]]


  • As is the case with Zoey, Ursula is a Coordinator Dawn competed against who shares their Japanese name with a character of the anime Yes! Pretty Cure 5: Urara Kasugano (Cure Lemonade)
  • Interestingly, both Ursula's English and Japanese voice actresses share the Japanese names of two notable Coordinators: Ayako and Melissa.

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