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ウララ Urara
Ursula casual.png
Gender Female
Eye color Red
Hair color Peach
Hometown Unknown
Region Sinnoh
Trainer class Coordinator
Anime debut Another One Gabites the Dust!
English voice actor Melissa Schoenberg
Japanese voice actor Ayako Kawasumi

Ursula (Japanese: ウララ Urara) is a rival of Dawn's who first appeared in Another One Gabites the Dust!. She is voiced by 川澄綾子 Ayako Kawasumi in Japanese and Melissa Schoenberg in English.


She is a Coordinator from the Sinnoh region who entered the Chocovine Contest at the same time as Dawn, first meeting her just outside the Contest Hall when her Gabite got into a confrontation with Dawn's Pachirisu. Ursula offered one of her own Poffin to Pachirisu to replace the one Gabite had stepped on, but Pachirisu refused it, causing Ursula to take offense.

It was revealed that she had entered the Wallace Cup that took place at Valor Lakefront, but was knocked out in the first round. She revealed that, like Dawn, she had been knocked out several times in the first round, and so improved herself so that she could become a better Coordinator. Prior to meeting Dawn, she had won three ribbons, the same that Dawn had at that time. Believing Dawn's win in the Wallace Cup to be a fluke, and due to the fact that the two were simultaneously going for their fourth ribbon, she developed a rivalry with her.

Throughout the Chocovine Contest, she remained critical of Dawn's performance. She and Dawn met in the finals, having defeated Jessie and Carnivine to do so. Ultimately, however, Ursula lost to Dawn, thinking that only the time limit prevented her from pulling off a win.

She reappeared in DP161 and DP162, competing in the Contest in Daybreak City. After gaining the upper hand in the final match of the Contest by using her Plusle and Minun effectively, she eventually lost to Dawn and thus the Contest as well. She obtained her fifth ribbon prior to DP174, where she was shown to have two new Pokémon: Flareon and Vaporeon, both of which had recently evolved from Eevee.

She will compete against Dawn at the Grand Festival in DP175.


This listing is of Ursula's known Pokémon:

Ursula's Gabite
Ursula's main Pokémon is a Gabite which appears to share her bad attitude, happily stepping on Pachirisu's Poffin and then developing a rivalry with it similar to the one between Dawn and Ursula. Gabite was present when Ursula was knocked out of the Wallace Cup.

During the Chocovine Contest, Gabite knocked Jessie out of the Contest by defeating Carnivine and then faced Pachirisu in the final. Gabite completely dominated the first half of the battle, however Dawn was able to win by whittling down Gabite's points by having Pachirisu dodge Gabite's attacks.

It appeared again in DP161 as one of the Pokémon Ursula used for her appeal in the Daybreak City Contest.

Gabite's known moves are Dragon Claw, Aerial Ace, Stone Edge, Dragon Rage, Iron Tail and Sand Tomb.

Debut Another One Gabites the Dust!
Ursula's Wormadam
Ursula used her Sandy Cloak Wormadam in the Appeal Round of the Chocovine Contest. Using its simple yet attractive moves, Wormadam easily ensured Ursula's progression to the second stage of the contest.

Wormadam's known moves are Confusion, Rock Blast, Sandstorm and Captivate.

Debut Another One Gabites the Dust!
Ursula's Plusle and Minun
Plusle and Minun
For the Double Performance required during the Daybreak Contest, Ursula brought along her Plusle and Minun, Pokémon which are known for performing well together. Seeing the two Cheering Pokémon brought back bad memories for Dawn, as she was forced to remember how she gained the nickname 'Dee-Dee'. Ursula planned on using Dawn's bad memories against her by using Plusle and Minun during the battle rounds of the contest. However, Dawn overcame her fears and defeated the two Cheering Pokémon with her Cyndaquil and Mamoswine.

Plusle and Minun's known moves are Helping Hand, Charge, Discharge, Encore, Spark, and Charge Beam.

Debut DP161
Ursula's Jigglypuff
Ursula used her Jigglypuff along with her Gabite in DP161 as a part of her Double Performance of the Daybreak City Contest's Appeal Rounds. Along with Gabite, the Balloon Pokémon managed to get Ursula through of the first round.

Jigglypuff's known moves are Rollout, Hyper Voice and Gyro Ball.

Debut DP161
Ursula's Flareon
Prior to the Grand Festival, Ursula acquired two Eevee. As part of her appeal, Ursula threw a Fire Stone towards one of the Eevee causing it to evolve into Flareon. Flareon then helped to perform a great appeal alongside the Vaporeon that evolved from the other Eevee, ensuring Ursula's progression through the first round.

Flareon's known moves are Iron Tail, Hidden Power, Sand-Attack, Shadow Ball and Fire Fang .

Debut DP174
Ursula's Vaporeon
During her contest appeal, as well as evolving one of her Eevee into Flareon she also exposed her other Eevee to a Water Stone causing it to evolve into Vaporeon, creating a very unique appeal.

Vaporeon's known moves are Iron Tail and Hidden Power.

Debut DP174
Voice actors
Japanese Chinami Nishimura


Ribbons obtained



  • As is the case with Zoey, Ursula is a Coordinator Dawn competed against who shares their Japanese name with a character of the anime Yes! Pretty Cure 5: Urara Kasugano (Cure Lemonade)
    • Ursula also shares her somewhat unique hairstyle with Teto Kasane of the singing synthesis program UTAU; fans have drawn several comparisons between the two characters.
  • Interestingly, both Ursula's English and Japanese voice actresses share the Japanese names of two notable Sinnoh region Coordinators: Ayako and Melissa.
  • Ursula shares many similarities with May's rival Harley.
    • Both hold a personal grudge against their rival.
    • Harley was insulted that May said his cookies were simply okay and Ursula was insulted that Dawn's Pachirisu refused one of her Poffins.
    • Both used a traumatic event from their rival's past involving a Pokémon against them.
    • Both own a member of the Jigglypuff line.
    • Both were defeated in their episode debut where their rival earned their fourth Ribbon in their home region.
    • Both were defeated by their rivals' Pokémon that had stage fright in a previous contest.

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