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We'll probabbly find the Lookout Pokémon {{p|Minezumi}}, because of its [[List of Pokémon by Isshu Pokédex number|Isshu Pokédex number]] (#010), as we could find {{p|Ratatta}} (#019 in the [[Kanto Pokédex]]) on [[Kanto Route 1]], {{p|Pidgey}} (#010 in the [[New Pokédex]] and the [[Johto Pokédex]]) on [[Johto Route 29]], {{p|Poochyena}} (#010 in the [[Hoenn Pokédex]]) on [[Hoenn Route 101]] or {{p|Starly}} (#010 in the [[Sinnoh Pokédex]]) on [[Sinnoh Route 201]]. We can also get on this road (of course !) the Isshu [[Starter Pokémon]] ({{p|Tsutarja}}, {{p|Pokabu}} or {{p|Mijumaru}}).
===Generation V===
===Generation V===

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Route 1
Route 1
BW Prerelease Route 1.png
Map description
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Connecting locations
Route 1
Kanoko Town
Isshu Route 1
Location of Route 1 in Isshu.
Pokémon world routes
Route 230       Route 1

Route 1 (Japanese: 1ばんどうろ Route 1) is the first route in Isshu. It is connected to Kanoko Town in the south.

Route description

Route 1, like other early-region routes, is lined with trees, and features low-level Pokémon in its long grass. The player first ventures through Route 1 with his or her friends Cheren and Bel, who take the starter Pokémon whose type is strong against and weak against the type of the player's choice, respectively.



Generation V

We'll probabbly find the Lookout Pokémon Minezumi, because of its Isshu Pokédex number (#010), as we could find Ratatta (#019 in the Kanto Pokédex) on Kanto Route 1, Pidgey (#010 in the New Pokédex and the Johto Pokédex) on Johto Route 29, Poochyena (#010 in the Hoenn Pokédex) on Hoenn Route 101 or Starly (#010 in the Sinnoh Pokédex) on Sinnoh Route 201. We can also get on this road (of course !) the Isshu Starter Pokémon (Tsutarja, Pokabu or Mijumaru).


Generation V

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